Our Mission:

Move filmmakers to reach their full creative potential.

Mission Outreach Mission and ValuesIn 2005, Animation Mentor was the first to offer a world-class animation education online. Today, more than ever, you can count on that same great experience with our proven mentorship educational model, a global campus that’s always on, thousands of hours of educational content, and our commitment to providing you with the most personal and fulfilling learning experience on the planet … all designed to help you — the filmmaker — reach your full creative potential.


  1. Judgement

    Good Decisions. We listen carefully to each other, our customers, and the market so that we can make products and services that are of value to you.

  2. Accountability

    Bring Your “A” Game. We focus on delivering amazing results, so that we can grow our business, take care of each other and make the world a better place for artists.

  3. Communication

    Listen First. We are honest, candid, and direct in our conversations, because it’s the fastest way to solve our problems.

  4. Character

    We keep it real. We are excellent to each other, because we rely on each other.

Animation Mentor

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