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In 2004, I set out to create a website to teach the fundamentals of boxing to anyone interested, online, for free.  The result was a website launched in December of that year called BOXING 4 FREE.  As time passed, sections were added, and boxing writer Andrew Schweitzer has contributedcommentary on the current fight scene as well as apodcast.  However, the original purpose of the site, to learn the basics boxing for free, online, has always been at the core of the website.  I felt that the website has been easy enough to understand, to navigate, and to use.  I believe I am wrong.

Over the years, I have received many emails from visitors asking to join my gym, asking me to teach them boxing for free, and to help them become a professional boxer…  It is as if they believe BOXING 4 FREE is a place, a gym, something tangible.  I am not sure why they think this, nor do I know how to make it clear to everyone that BOXING 4 FREE is ONLY a website.  The website provides videos and documentation on how to punch, use footwork, defensive maneuvers and drills to hone your skills.

While I do train at gyms and help other trainers (very rare now, kinda busy), I do not own a gym.  I do not have any boxers under my wing.  Honestly, it is very stressful to be a boxing trainer; you spend much time worrying about your boxer, making sure him/her is prepared to get in the ring and defend themselves.  It takes a toll on us, because a person’s well-being is on the line.  If you fail to train the boxer properly, they could get hurt.  This is why I choose to teach the basics of boxing, the techniques, through the website.  My hope is that whoever watches the videos and reads my words, will be inspired enough to join a boxing gym, find a good trainer, and try competing, or at the very least, get a great work-out.

If you have an idea on how to clarify  the purpose of this website to its viewers, please send me an email and let me know.  Thanks!

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