ExecRank is revolutionizing the way companies source board and advisory candidates. With our free platform, thousands of companies use ExecRank to find the next great addition to their board of directors, advisory board, or informal circle of advisors. Our executive members have access to the largest collection of board seat openings and advisory roles available anywhere, in addition to other professional opportunities such as startup investments, speaking engagements, elite networking introductions, and publishing opportunities that add distinction, experience, and excitement to their career as a whole.
Founded in 2010, ExecRank began with a vision to publish executive rankings, and to identify leading executives most suitable to professional opportunities such as board seats and advisory roles through our patent-pending proprietary algorithms. From our research and interactions with top ranked executives, we learned that executives worldwide were interested in being advisors and board members, but there was no platform that easily connected them to companies where they could add the most value. When talking to companies, we learned that the costs and timeline of retaining a search firm for finding a board member were often prohibitive, and that they would be more interested in an ongoing stream of candidates that explained how they could add immediate value and connections to the company as a board member of advisor. And thus the ExecRank platform was built to effectively connect companies and advisors.
At ExecRank, we are excited to usher in a new era of connecting thousands of companies every year with leading executives who are ready to serve as an advisor or board member, and thus facilitating transformative matches that help companies achieve the next level of success.
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