I started this blog to share information, tips and resources with young entrepreneurs. I am really passionate about small business, startups and entrepreneurship. The New Stability is about finding freedom, following your passion while multiple stable income streams.

As you read in my story I believe that having a ‘real job’ can leave you vulnerable as if you lose your job you lose 100% of your income but when you are self employed you can have multiple income streams to create stability.

I believe in:

Having the freedom to work where and how you want. It may mean working long hours but on your terms.
Having control over your destiny.
Adding value to your market.
Following your passion.
Multiple income streams.
Multiple projects.
I’m not an expert but I have experiences continued success in business and I am extremely passionate about entrepreneurship and startups so please sign up to the New Stability newsletter for updates and resources for young entrepreneurs and startups.

Until next time all the best with your startup and entrepreneurial journey!
New Stability


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