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DZone makes content for developers, tech pros, and smart people everywhere.

DZone’s has roots in Javalobby, an online community for Java developers founded in 1997 by CEO Rick Ross. Javalobby preceded the era of blogs and forums to create a unique community that made all developers a part of the discussion and changed the face of technology development.

In 2005, JavaLobby evolved into DZone in order to expand coverage far beyond the boundaries of the Java community. Today, we’ve kept the same mission of providing developers and tech professionals a voice through our community, in addition to the ongoing goal of providing them with useful and valuable resources at no cost.

While our community has been strong and growing for nearly a decade, DZone is just beginning to hit a real stride. Just this year, DZone was named to the Inc 5000 as one of the fasting growing companies in the US. As we grow, we will continue to seek new ways to better serve our audience of dedicated tech professionals.
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