We created this site to serve people who are interested in college funding. What makes us unique is that we list a broad array of funding opportunities without asking for information from you. There are no long forms to fill out in order to access our resources. For example, you can find any of the following without filling out forms with your personal information.

scholarships for Native Americans
nursing scholarship programs
California grants and scholarships
loan opportunities
We give you a list of available funding sources, and let you quickly move on to the application process.

About Us
Big Award Check. As the recipient of financial aid during my college years, I know every last dollar helps. Back in 1998, when I was a college freshman, I received Stafford Loans and Pell Grants. I didn’t search for other funding opportunities because I did not know they existed. Due to financial concerns and family issues I had to drop out.

Our original site was launched in 1999. Due to its popularity, we rebranded as College Scholarships.org on May 29, 2007. Students can now search via the internet to find innumerable financial aid opportunities. Students can browse through funding options for certain health conditions, sports, majors, minorities, religions, and military service among other categories. College Scholarships.org gives students the information they need as quickly as possible.

Our Scholarships
As someone who believes in the Laws of Wealth, I am a big supporter of charity and donations. I figured I should combine my beliefs with the focus of this web site and offer scholarships to deserving college students. After talking with the other founders of this web site, a valiant effort was put forth to extend our own scholarships.
College Scholarships

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