All of us from the MFP team would like to welcome you to our site! MyFitnessPal members come from a variety of different backgrounds and visit the site from virtually every corner of the world, but we all share a common desire to lead healthier lives. In order to ensure MyFitnessPal remains a fun and friendly place for everyone, we have established the following site guidelines which we ask all of our members to follow.

Moderation and Reporting Posts

MyFitnessPal is moderated by a team of volunteers and a few full-time site administrators. Because we have a small team, it’s impossible for us to read every post on the site, so we rely on our members to help us identify problems. If you see a post that seems to violate our guidelines, you can help us by using the “Report Post” link to let us know. One of our moderators will review the report as soon as possible and handle it accordingly.


In addition to the Main Forums, MyFitnessPal also offers Groups which contain their own message forums. Group forums are self-moderated. Each group appoints it’s own moderators who are responsible for ensuring the group’s (and MyFitnessPal’s) guidelines are followed. The guidelines below are in two sections: those that apply site-wide, including Groups, and those that apply only to the Main Forums.”

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