Flashcards are the fastest and best way to memorize almost any type of information. Whether you’re memorizing multiplication tables, vocabulary lists, a new language, or just plain old definitions, flashcards will help you organize the information in a way that helps you learn more efficiently. Cram is especially useful because we utilize the Leitner System of studying. This system has helped thousands of students around the world memorize large amounts of information.

Flashcards have been in use since the 19th century, but web and mobile applications have made them even better. Using Cram.com, we can automatically hide cards you already know so that you can focus on the ones you don’t. Any flashcard set can also become a memorization game, so that you can compete, have fun AND learn your flashcard set. If you want to practice your set in a test environment, we can make your flashcards into multiple-choice, fill in the blank and matching questions – automatically. You can now test yourself before ever entering the classroom. Still not convinced? Choose any of our mobile apps and take your flashcards with you on the bus, train, plane or however else you get around town. Start browsing now and find the perfect set to study. Cram is like having your own personal flashcard library in your pocket. Start studying and learn something new today!


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