Recently, there has been much buzz about the digital nomads, and deservedly so.

Living a life on the road, exploring the places you always dreamt of visiting, and being able to do your job wherever there is a Wi-Fi signal sometimes seems too good to be true.

So is it? Well, the answer is yes and no, because no matter how much freedom digital nomads enjoy due to telecommuting nature of their jobs, they are, on the other side, very dependent on the tools they are working with. So, if you wanted to make a stab at this lifestyle and try your luck as a modern nomad, here are few things you should always keep in your “backpack”.


No matter how its competition may be fierce, Skype still remains the go-to tool for free messaging, free calls, and free video calls. Putting the performance and sheer functionality ahead of some of the more “gimmicky” features, Microsoft’s product will put a smile on the face of every user, regardless of the platform it is coming from.

Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides

Google is slowly but steadily overtaking the market of the cloud-based office suits, and when we take a close look at Google Docs it is really not that hard to see why that is so. It is fast, accessible; it strikes the perfect balance between being functional enough, and being overwhelmed with functions, and it has the backing of Google’s brand which grants it access to millions of devices across the globe.


Digital nomads are living their lives on the road, but that does not mean that they are not a part of some, quite often, very large, and scattered team. Enter Basecamp, the perfect project manager which connects all of these dots, and puts them into the bigger picture. Here, you will find timetables, file sharing functionality, streamlined communication and tons of other useful features which will keep your team going.


What do you do when you need fast p2p cloud storage service, and you do not want to bother with various complicated and more comprehensive solutions like Dropbox, and Amazon? Well, 4shared reviews are overwhelmingly positive, so you should really not hesitate to try this particular product and see how well it performs for yourself.


If you are a digital nomad, chances are that you have pretty wide list of friends, and associates scattered across various social networks. Buffer puts them all in one place, and lets you manage all of your social media accounts using this particular tool.


Take everything we said about friend lists, multiple it by ten, and you will get a picture how it feels to manage different user names, and passwords across dozens, and dozens of websites. Well, unless you are using 1password, which creates one strong, unique password for all the sites you visit, and fills it automatically with just one click.


Huge number of digital nomads makes their earnings by blogging. The rest of them are blogging just because they like to do that. Almost all of them are using WordPress, the most popular platform for writing, editing, and publishing online content. More than 40,000 plugins will give everyone something to play with.


If Basecamp can do wonders organizing your team, Wunderlist will help you to achieve the same efficiency on the personal level. Here, you can set up due-dates, task, subtasks, notifications, and all other things that will keep you on the right track.


If you ever worked something alone, you know just how hard is to motivate yourself when there is nobody to put some pressure on you. RescueTime will monitor your online activities, put them into different categories ranging from “Very Productive”, to “Very Distracting”, and do exactly that.


As we mentioned above, nomads are very dependent on public Wi-Fi, but public Wi-Fi is not always the safest way to access the internet. TorGuard, on the other hand, allows reliable VPN service, which will prevent hackers from accessing your computer and put those worries to rest.

Those were our top ten tools every digital nomad should have on its laptop. Sure, finding the right equipment for the job may sometimes be tiresome, but that does not make nomadism different from any other profession. Keep this in mind, though – Once you have everything in place, only the sky will be your limit.

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