Every now and again, we need to remove toxins that have accumulated in our bodies. These toxins come from some of the foods that we eat, the environment, and drugs/medications.   Here are some ways that you can detox.

  1. Invest in a juicer. Some people think that juicing is a fad or that it’s not a healthy alternative. It is very good for overall health and weight loss. Be sure to juice with ORGANIC fruits and vegetables. Put healthy foods into the body. You don’t have to juice everyday; 5 days per week is adequate. Some suggestions are kale, spinach, beets (and the leaves), berries, pineapple, green apples, ginger, and turmeric. Ginger makes it “spicy”. You only need a small amount, depending on your taste. Both ginger and turmeric are anti-inflammatories.
  1. Do a colon cleanse. You can purchase a colon cleanser from GNC or any health food store. Typically, it comes in powder form that you can mix with water or freshly made juice. It’ll start working within 6 hours. Cleanse for up to 10 days and repeat in 2 months. (If you have an important speech or meeting, it is advisable that you wait until afterwards before taking the colon cleanse).
  1. Do a liver cleanse. You can purchase this also or try this recipe at home.
    • 3 tbsp. organic vinegar
    • 10 drops of organic stevia
    • Chopped ginger to taste
    • Dash of sea salt

Add the listed ingredients to a pitcher of distilled, spring, or filtered water. DO NOT USE TAP WATER. Drink 8 oz. twice daily for one week. You’ll feel a difference in your energy levels.

  1. Drink water first thing in the morning. Drinking a large glass of water when you first rise in the morning helps the cleansing process.
  1. Eat 2 servings of raw vegetables daily. Raw vegetables are high in fiber. The easiest way to get your servings is to eat a salad. 
  1. Fasting. This may be new or difficult for many people. There are different types of fasts. Basically, you give up certain foods for one day, or even 30 or 40 days. If you have health issues, consult your doctor first. In January, I do the Daniel Fast, which lasts for 3 weeks. 
  1. Exercise. When you have a productive workout, you sweat, which releases toxins. You can power walk, jog, play racquetball, or whatever physical activity is enjoyable for you.
  1. Get a massage. When you have the time, treat yourself to a massage. A full-body Swedish or deep tissue massage has many benefits.
  1. Do “oil pulling”. This is when you would swish coconut oil (1-2 tsp.) in your mouth. You would do this no longer than 15 minutes. This removes bacteria from your mouth and in between your teeth. The health of your mouth correlates with the health of the rest of the body. Refer to my post Fluoride: A Deadly Deception.
  1. Do a complete body cleanse. These kits can also be purchased at your local vitamin store. It promotes overall digestive health.

As I tell my friends, you can try any or all of these and see for yourself.

Have Faith and Live Well! I am currently a stay-at-home mom and aspiring writer from Silver Spring, MD. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry and a Master of Science degree in Analytical Chemistry. I am married with a 4-year old son, RJ. I was inspired to start my blog last year when my son was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. My goal is to inform and tell personal stories that may inspire you. Besides writing, I enjoy racquetball, horseback riding, traveling, movies, and reading.


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