Launching a home-based business can give you a powerful sense of freedom. You are in control of your destiny — making decisions that boost your career, entrepreneurial spirit, and excitement for work. However, it will also be hard, challenging you and stretching you in ways that you couldn’t have predicted. One of those ways seems small at first, but it can really become a challenge after a while — and that is work-life balance. When you work from home, the lines between home and work become blurred and that can cause a lot of stress, anxiety, and burnout. Avoid the work-life balance struggle by focusing on creating the right home office for your business. Not sure where to start? Here are five ideas to get you started.

Buying a New Home


If you need more room for your home-based business, consider buying a new home. There is a lot to take into consideration when buying for a home and a business, like permits, zoning, neighbors, and layout, so be sure to connect with an experienced realtor. And before you even begin online searches, know what you can afford. Part of that means also knowing what your current home can sell for and what upgrades or repairs you need to make before putting it on the market. Also, explore different home loans that also include small business loans so you can maximize your financial options for funding the location of your home-based business.


Building a Dedicated Space


For those who need storage for inventory, a workshop for creating products, or a space for quiet and concentration, building space on your current property may be the right direction for your home business. Before you start laying the foundation, be sure you have all the right permits in place and that your HOA, if you have one, has signed off on the deal. There are many simple and affordable options, like prefabricated metal or wood buildings, or you can call in the help of a contractor. You’ll want your building to have access to the water and electric that you need to conduct business comfortably and successfully. A contractor can make sure your new building has all of these as well as whatever else you need to be focused and productive.


Renovating a Basement, Garage, or Attic


For some business owners, the space is there, it just needs to be reimagined. This is where a renovation can help you elevate your business. A garage can be transformed into an office with a separate entrance for meeting with clients. An attic can be converted into a creative, inspiring office for web and graphic design. Consider starting with the essentials, such as making sure you’ll be comfortable in summer and winter and that you have solid WiFi access. Then, focus on aesthetic and cosmetic changes, like new furniture, paint on the walls, and decor that helps you feel settled and inspired. You don’t have to make your renovations all at once; in fact, doing them in phases can help you manage the costs. Developing a timeline and budget can help you stay on track — while both growing your business and remodeling your space.

When launching your home business, whether at the beginning or into a new chapter, there are a lot of complex decisions to make. Deciding on the most inspiring, productive office space doesn’t have to be one. When you decide on your goals, needs, and wants early on, you can easily choose how to build a space that leads to all three.


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