If, like the rest of us, you have not been living under a rock, you are aware of the amazing benefits of blogging for your business.  It is rare to visit a business website without a blog these days.
By the time my clients hire me, they have completely given up and are ready to leave blogging behind.  


‘I have such a hard time being inspired, I love what I do, but I hate writing about it.’
‘I have been writing non-stop for weeks and yet traffic to my site has not improved.’




The first time I heard the words business blogging, I didn’t get excited, as a matter of fact it was the complete opposite.  It sounds boring as a matter of fact, boring and calculated.  I have visited some business blogs that are exactly just that, cold.

Make it fun and interesting for your readers, sometimes the best way to do that is to set yourself apart.  Is there something about your brand that is different?  Something that set’s you apart from your competitors? Use that to set yourself apart.

Instead of blogging about technology, blog about women and technology. How can your tech product benefit a female business owner and her brand.  Try to find small ways to differentiate yourself from your competitors.  It will not only make your blog more interesting, but will introduce your brand to new potential fans.

If writing is not your strength, find someone to write for you.


How appealing is your blog visually.  One of the reasons I first fell in love with Dana’s Blog is because of how fun and colorful it is, and it has kept me coming back over and over again.

Hire a great designer if web design is not your gift.  Your business blog, in many ways, is going to be an introduction to your business for those discovering you through your blog. If your blog looks unappealing, readers will not stay on to explore your business.

Tips For Improving The Aesthetics of Your Blog
1. Appealing Newsletter Pop-Up
2. Powerful Landing Page
3. Use Infographs, Pinnable Images
4. Update Your Blog Theme

Stay Organized
I have said this a lot, and chances are, if you are a subscriber you will hear this many more times.  Blogging is like a full time job.  I never complain about it because I love writing, and my blog allows me to combine everything I am passionate about into one fun escape a few times a week.  
If your blog is a business blog, you need to apply the same techniques that you use to keep your business running smoothly to your blog.

Tips For Keeping Your Business Blog Organized

1. Prepare your blog topics a few weeks to a month ahead

2. Create a schedule for your blog posts (An editorial Calendar)
3. Write your post at least a few days ahead of schedule (Don’t forget to edit)

Appeal to Your Target Audience
You may know your target audience, but do you know how to reach them effectively?


Keep share buttons in areas that make it easier to share.  People love sharing pinnable images.  One of the best ways to get your blog posts noticed by your target audience is to make it easy for that audience to share your posts.  Chances are that the people they are connected to will enjoy your posts if they did.

Below are some images with tips for sharing on your social media platforms.


Remember to interact with your followers.  
Business blogging is important but it can be a lot tougher because the goal is to make yourself the go to expert in your field.  Use your team members, you may have a great writer working right under your nose, or a creative designer.

Business blog management requires a great understanding of your business, if you are able to find somebody who will make the time to do so, it may be beneficial for you to consider hiring an expert.


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  1. Mark Tinney 6 years ago

    Excellent article Nancy with some great suggestions! Thanks for this.


  2. Nancy 6 years ago


    You are welcome, I am glad the article was helpful.


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