One of the biggest costs of traveling via air can be the parking situation. Airport parking can sometimes cost as much as the flight itself, with a week-long parking solution costing almost $200 at Sydney airport. Taxi fares are also increased if you’re headed towards the airport meaning that before you even board your flight, your holiday can be a costly affair.

However, if you’re traveling by plane you need to get to the airport, so what’s the best way to find a long-term airport parking spot in Australia’s largest cities?

Plan before you leave home

There are several ways you can deal with finding long-term parking while you’re away but there’s one thing you should always do. Whether you decide to bite the bullet and pay for airport parking, or take an alternative option, it’s important to plan where you will be parking before you leave for the airport.

Decide where you are going to park and calculate how much it’s going to cost you. With a bit of thought and shopping around, you can find savings you may have missed out on without pre-planning.


One of the best alternatives to paying for airport parking is to find someone willing to lease their empty garage out. Spacer is a site that connects people with free space, to people who are looking for storage space. There’s a whole range of categories, including spaces for cars. This makes a great, cost effective solution for airport parking.

With spaces all around major Australian airport’s and CBD’s, it can be a great way to find secure, affordable and long-term parking and avoid fines and airport parking fees.

Car Parking apps

Car parking apps can be a great way to find parking and work out your best options regarding price and location. There’s a range of parking apps with huge databases of parking information from cities all around the world.

Most of these apps compare prices, allow you to set a location so you don’t forget where you parked and some can even tell you how many spots are left within a carpark facility.

Public transport

Whether you use spacer and park outside of airport parking or leave the car at home, using public transport to get to the airport itself can be an option. When looking for a spot on spacer, see if there’s a train or bus stop nearby. Using public transport to get to the airport can mean a little more effort, but you save spending the huge fees at airport parking.

A popular course of action in Sydney for example is to find a parking space on spacer that’s near a train station, and get onto the airport train line which takes you straight to the airport. This turns out to be a very simple and cost-effective solution!


Sorting out where you will park your car while you travel can be a difficult decision. Airport parking is notoriously expensive and taxis bound for the airport increase their rates. However, there are other options for long-term airport parking. These can prove to be beneficial to your wallet while remaining close to the airport and easy to get between.

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  1. Alexandria Martinez 2 years ago

    My fiance and I are going on a long trip and need to find good parking. We really liked your advice to use parking apps to find the best options in the airport and deals as well. This will help us a lot and make things so much easier. Thanks!

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