On my routine shopping trips, I’ve noticed certain foods that, in my opinion, are oxymoronic and a turn off. They sound unhealthy and unnatural from the start.  Still, there are other foods that are hybrids that are unappealing to the eye. Here are a few examples:

1.     Diet water.  Ok.  I had to laugh at this one.  Diet water really does exist to help with weight loss.  However, regular water doesn’t have any calories, additives, and can help in the treatment of many illnesses. Wouldn’t that be the better option?

2.     Seedless watermelon.  We learned in school that all fruits have seeds.  When you cut open a watermelon, you’ll see that it has lots of black seeds.  Seedless watermelon is a contrast.  They must be grown in a different way.  Are you buying seedless watermelon because it tastes better, or is it irritating to remove all of those seeds that are supposed to be in a watermelon?

3.     Sugar-free ice cream.  If you’re a diabetic, this may get your attention.  You want to eat ice cream without having your blood sugar reading go through the roof.  This is tempting also if the label says “fat-free”.  Blue Bunny makes a fat-free-no-sugar-added ice cream. Think about this. If they aren’t using sugar to give ice cream its sweetness, what do they use?  Check the ingredients for the Blue Bunny ice cream verses organic ice cream.  Do you see the difference?  Ice cream isn’t bad for you if it contains all-natural ingredients. The “fat-free” is just a gimmick to entice the consumer into buying it. 

4.     Broccoflower.  A broccoflower is the result of the cross pollination of broccoli and cauliflower. I prefer to eat them separately.  Im not too sure about these hybrid vegetables.

In my future shopping trips, I will let you know if I come across any other unusual foods.


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