We are constantly pushing the boundaries of what modern office design is. We are no longer in the dark when it comes to all the ways in which work environment can impact workers’ motivation, mood, and productivity. Namely, office design can either propel the whole organization forward or acts a detriment on the way to growth and success. That is why in many industry sectors, the days of sterile and dull cubicles seem to be numbered. The office that we need to embrace is a flexible, well-designed space, which is in service of all employees and helps them get into the zone.

Setting the stage

One of the most basic rules is to keep it simple and utilitarian. So, talk to everyone to brainstorm ideas on how to streamline the layout of the workspace. Start your journey with a process of decluttering. The chief goal is to minimize the number of distractions and maximize concentration and productivity. Rethink the arrangement of the space according to how people are going to work in it. Designate different areas tailored to specific things. See to it that there is enough room between task-specific workstations for foot traffic to flow freely. Key pieces of equipment should be close to people who use them the most.

The art of decorating

It is high time to look beyond overused elements like inspirational quotes. There are so many other décor ideas that are truly unique and stimulating. Draw inspiration from residential design and state-of-the-art corporate spaces. Note that you have a chance to reflect your brand values and identity through décor and design choices. Therefore, take this chance to tell your business story and cultivate your company culture. Use pops of bright colors to spark interest in a monochromatic backdrop. Add indoor plants for a splash of greenery. Just do not go overboard with visual noise— it would defeat the whole purpose and increase the level of distractions.

Adding furniture

Office furniture is a mainstay of functionality of any workspace, so skimping on it is not advisable. Give employees an option to sit, stand, and move around freely. A good place to start is with staples like workstations and desks. Here, you should opt for high-quality ergonomic products such as black executive chairs. Such pieces definitely pay off because they preserve workers’ health and well-being and alleviate problems like back and neck pain. Feel free to also invest in some stylish centerpieces. Think outside the box and offer options like standing desks, hammocks and bean bags. They mother a more relaxed, home-like feel people crave for.

Let there be light

Give employees a nice view of the outside and let the flood of fresh air and sunlight come inside. These natural blessings help everyone recharge their batteries and keep up the good work throughout the day. If you do not have them in abundance, though, invest a bit more in lighting design. When it comes to artificial sources, fluorescents are far from the best or only option. LED fittings are more energy-efficient, last way longer, and contain zero toxic chemicals. In any event, layering and using multiple sources for each space is usually the most optimal tactic to ensure functionality.

Shifting the floor plan

If you are prepared to think and invest big, consider extensive remodeling. Changing the layout could make a real difference here. An open floor plan is a viable alternative to conventional cubicles and sets of private enclosed areas. Such a layout is conducive to team collaboration, information exchange, and chance interactions. It fosters a culture of open communication and gives employees more freedom to choose where and how they are going to tackle daily tasks. Just make sure to address issues like lack of privacy and increased noise – use space dividers and sound-absorbing panels to pull it off.

Success by office design


People have grown tired of being trapped in cramped boxes. They are on the lookout for businesses that design the workspace around the needs and preferences of people who are using it on a daily basis. So, you have a chance to make a positive change and make people healthier, happier, and more engaged. Use lighting, décor, furniture, and layout to your maximum advantage. Set the right mood and tone for a productive day. Try to blend peerless utility with visual appeal and sublime comfort. Assemble a professional and welcoming space people actually want to come to and work in.

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