Over the past decade, blogging has rapidly evolved and what was once considered a mere hobby is now being hailed as a lucrative career option. Thanks to the technology boom and the power of the internet, bloggers these days can use their websites for not just expressing their thoughts, but also for marketing products, establishing a brand, and converting their passion for writing into a full-time profession. Creating a blog is a matter of a few clicks, but creating a successful blog is an entirely different story. If you are a novice blogger, there are certain questions that you must ask yourself before starting your blog. The answers to these questions will help you in creating a basic framework for your blog so that it may grow to become an online success.

What Is The General Theme Of My Blog?

It is true that you can post any content of your choice on your blog, however, it is advisable to stick to a general theme in order to create a niche audience. A blog with a confusing collection of articles on miscellaneous topics will not be able to establish a loyal reader base. The best blogs are those which reflect the passions of the writer. Think about whether you enjoy writing fiction or product reviews, whether you are more interested in technology or fashion. If you will select a theme that you love, you will definitely attract more readers.

How Much Time Should I Invest In My Blog?

Updating the blog regularly plays a major role in keeping the readers engaged. Before you embark on your blogging journey, think about how much time you can truly devote to your blog, considering your daily schedule and other responsibilities. Do not promote yourself as a daily blogger if you won’t be able to post every day in the long run. If you are a student or have a 9 to 5 job then set reasonable goals accordingly, such as posting one excellent article every week. If the frequency of your blog posts keeps fluctuating, you will notice a decline in the readership.

Which Platform Should I Use?

There are a lot of free blogging platforms that you can choose from, such as WordPress and BlogSpot, Tumblr, to name a few. Another option is to self-host your blog, but that may require more technical insight and time from your end. Do adequate research before zeroing in on a platform. The next question that arises is that of a domain name, list down your favorites and choose something that will stand out and will show up on search engines. This is also one of the good SEO strategies that will be beneficial for the future of your blog. However, you will need to register this domain name before you get your blog up and running. Hopefully, you will choose one that is not already taken!

How Can I Reach The Audience?

The primary parameter for measuring the success of a blog is the number of visitors it manages to attract. You need to define a target audience in terms of the age and interests of the readers that you wish to reach out to. You can promote your blog to this target audience by sharing your blog posts on relevant social media groups. If you are planning to start a food blog then join some food related groups on Facebook to interact with individuals that could be interested in your blog. A judicious use of hashtags while sharing your posts can help attract the targeted readers.

Can I Monetize My Blogging?

This may seem like the biggest question but it is entirely a personal choice. If you wish to earn some commercial profit from your blog then you might need to publish a few sponsored posts and add some affiliate links and banners to your website. Bear in mind that it may take years before you are able to generate substantial income using these methods because they are fruitful only when your blog generates high incoming traffic. If you do not want to market any brands and just wish to share your reflections with the world, then, by all means, do so, but do not expect any monetary benefits.

Once you come up with the answers to these questions, the setting up of your new blog will become a piece of cake. So, if you are an aspiring blogger then keep these tips in mind before you commence your blogging adventures.


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