What is business’ biggest secret?

What makes the most successful people on the planet similar to one another?

Well here’s a little business wisdom in a few lines.

#1 Love what you do.

This is key. You cannot and will not be successful if you don’t love what you do. If there isn’t any satisfaction of your actions you will hardly find any motivation and humph to push trough when things get hard and complicated. These times always come and then if you have no real passion about your work you most probably will abandon it.

The other consequence of pure and sheer love for what you do is that only in such a case you’ll be able to attract more people for your cause. Making everybody excited is a hard job and one possible only if you are enthusiastic enough. In every other you will fail.

#2 Believe in yourself

Many entrepreneurs look cocky but the reality is – they will not be successful if they aren’t like that. Self confidence is crucial. The alternative of listening and minding what other people say is pernicious for any big plan. The fact that only few people succeed in becoming hugely successful means that only a few people know what it takes and therefore only these few are in position to give advices.

#3 Education


No matter what you do, your dedication, motivation and will to win
are not enough. You must be ready to learn fast. Education is a
process which continuous throughout the whole life. If you want to be
great remember you must continue with your personal development. Know
everything about your circle of competence and stay in it. According
to Warren Buffet we all must become good in something and let other
professionals do their job in their fields.

#4 Avoid debt

Most bankers say – debt is for successful people. Try to raise money in other ways, start with small budget or anything else but try as harder as possible to avoid banks and their credits.

#5 Constantly Improve

It is not possible to achieve perfection. What is possible is to try to go as close as possible to what you imagine as perfect. Therefore never stop improving and evolving in your job.

A great example of all these great five rules can be seen in the way Go Cleaners London work. They started as a small company by professionals who knew very well what they were doing. They never stopped improving and adjusting their work towards perfection. Today they are well known for quality and speed but that caused a lot of work.


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