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Serving people in WOW! fashion is the end game of many organizations who want to create a base of loyal customers.

Some make progress.

And some fail; instead of WOW! they deliver OW!

For those in the OW! state, here are 5 ways to make the move to WOW!

1. Discover what annoys your customers. OW! is created when a customer smacks into an aspect of your business they can’t live with. It could be a policy, rule or an unfriendly employee attitude. Reach out to them regularly for input and suggestions for improvement and follow their advice. Have the guts to put yourself at risk and ask “What sucks about us?” No pain, no gain.

2. Simplify how you do business with the customer in mind. Look at your business processes. Do they make it EASY for your customers to engage with you? If not, revamp them. People want “easy”; if it’s a hassle dealing with you, they won’t.

3. Treat each of your customers as an individual not as a “face in the herd”. Concentrate on discovering their unique needs; fashion your marketing efforts accordingly. We live in a “me” society where people expect products and services to reflect their individuality. Those that play to “me” will be rewarded with WOW!

4. Show your fans regularly how much you appreciate them. De-emphasize traditional customer appreciation events which tend to mostly attract the looky-loo and offer no real value to long term loyal customers. And personalize any recognition you do. Offering the same “trash or trinket” to everyone is an insult and will result in OW!

5. Learn how to take a punch when you when you have a service slip-up. Don’t tell me it won’t happen; it will, and you need a plan to recover. Here’s the formula: Recovery = ‘I’m Sorry’ + Fix It + Surprise! People remember how you recover from one of your mistakes; they will forget the original mistake if you do it well.

The move from OW! To WOW! depends on how much humanity you are willing to inject into your organization.

Build it to serve humans = WOW!

Build it to serve yourself = OW!



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