Restaurant businesses can be among the most successful ventures you can start. There’s always a need for them and once you become a part of the local community, it’s almost impossible to lose the customers that you have.

However, things aren’t that easy for those who are just getting started. There are a lot of initial costs that you need to cover and it takes time and effort to establish your business when you first move to a new area.

Location, location, location

It’s a cliché to say that the location of the business is its most important feature, but it has become one because it is true in almost all cases – especially for restaurants, as they become a part of the community they are located in.

There are also a lot of business-related reasons to choose the location with care. It will determine who your employees and your customers are, and those two are the most important parts of your business. This goes beyond the price range and the expected salary. You want to find a location that’s suited to your corporate culture.

The employees

The company is only as good as its employees. For the restaurant business, this is even truer because the product will depend on the people who make it more than in any other business. Good chefs are hard to find and the only way to attract them is to offer them high bonuses and large salaries.

A professional and well-mannered staff is also crucial for establishing a restaurant. They also need to live locally because it’s too expensive to pay for their everyday commute. It’s imperative that you find them long before actually opening the doors of your restaurant.

A theme

Almost all restaurants have a theme that influences all the particular business decision that go into day-to-day operations. This theme is sometimes rather visible and intentional, for example if the décor and the menu match and have a clear narrative behind them.

In other cases, themes can be equally important but much less noticeable, for example when they are just an overall idea behind the cuisine that you make or the approach you have to customer service.


This is important for most businesses, but with restaurants it’s really noticeable. You need to expand all the time if you want to be relevant and stay ahead of your competitors. The expansion should be in your plans from day one and you should always have something you aspire to. It could be anything from purchasing commercial shade sails for starting a garden to experimenting with your menu.

A lot of restaurant businesses are expanding by offering delivery service that has the same level of quality as a meal prepared by a chef. It’s a lucrative idea but it requires a lot of investing.

Customers first

The food is obviously the most important part of a restaurant business, but the service is always a close second and you should dedicate equal time and appreciation to both. When your company is just getting started, you should focus on getting people inside the restaurant most of all. The food and the atmosphere will do the rest.

It may be necessary to offer a few free meals at first. This is an additional expense that you need to live with, but if it does the job, it will be more than worth it.


Restaurants need to focus on advertising from day one, since they are businesses that need to deal with a lot of competitors. It should be done both on and offline, and with the same goal in mind. Offline advertising for restaurants is rather inexpensive and easy to organize – leaflets and local newspapers are going to be enough.

When it comes to online advertising, there’s one simple way to go – use Instagram and you’ll be able to capture both the atmosphere and the meals that you offer.

A restaurant business is rather expensive to start and once it’s up and running, there’s a lot of work to do. There are no rules for how to make a restaurant a success; you need to find what your customers want.

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