1. Practice being brave in all areas of your life, not just where you think it is neccesary. If you want to become more courageous, you must build this habit in your subconscious mind. The more you do it, the more it becomes embedded. If you willingly take up every opportunity you have to be brave, it’ll become a subconscious habit faster.

2. Tell people you love how you really feel, no matter how embarassing or hard it is. Whether it is admitting something we did wrong, saying sorry, expressing shame or telling someone we love them, we should never let fear stop us from being clear and honest. This promotes deep connection and strenghtens the heart bond with ourselves and other people.

3. Learn how to say no if something doesnt resonate with you. If your intuition is telling you that you shouldn’t do something you’ve been asked to do or you know you should be spending your energy elsewhere, be honest and say no. Don’t get involved in situations you don’t really feel in your heart and make yourself miserable. Stay true to your heart. Be gentle to others needs but learn how to say no.

4. Practice the art of focusing on your breath to slow down chaotic heart rhytms caused by stress and frustration. Step away from the situation you are being confronted with to connect back to your higher self by helping your heart find harmony through your oxygen intake. Your emotions affect your heart beat but so does your breath when you implement conscious focused breathing. Take as many deep breaths as needed and bring your heart back into coherence with your whole being.

5. Do something that makes you uncomfortable everyday. We must step outside our comfort zone because this is the only way we grow. Just because we feel fear, it doesn’t mean it has to stop us. Whether it is speaking to someone we have never spoken to or standing up to ourselves by not taking the easy way out and doing things appropriately, we grow when we do exactly what we don’t want to. The more we release fear, the more we harness love from within and not depend on stimulation from outside sources. The uncomfortable eventually becomes a source of authenticity and fear diminishes.

6. Sing Or find an artistic outlet. You don’t have to be good at singing. Sing as an outlet for your expression and creative energy. When a whole choir sings together, it is said their hearts all beat at the same time. That is pretty amazing! Overall, having an artistic outlet gives the heart release from the mental cage. It is a form of meditation. When your mind is focused on creating something you love without shame or fear, your heart is free.


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