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When the summer time and warm weather rolls around, it’s always a good idea to head outdoors. There are a million awesome things to do on a beautiful summer day, and today we will give you a few reasons why camping is up there at the top of the list!

  1. Break up the Routine

Fall and winter can feel like an eternity, that’s for sure. After five or six months of being stuck indoors, we all start to get a little stir crazy. Monday through Friday you’re in school or at work, then you come home, rinse and repeat. But, when that summer sun creeps out, it’s a blast to catch up on some lost time outdoors.

  1. Enjoy the Outdoors

There’s nothing better to wake up to than a fresh summer day and nothing but the great outdoors all around you. Camping might take little bit of effort, but the payoff is huge. Whether you’re camping in a park, on a friend’s land, or in your own backyard, the simple joy of being outside should be enough to lay down the tent!

  1. Take Advantage of the Good Weather

As mentioned above, fall and winter can be a little dreary. Early sunsets, late sunrises, and endless cold isn’t the kind of weather you’d like to be outside in. But, a beautiful summer day is the perfect time to plant your stakes outside. Don’t pass up an opportunity to get out there! If a lack of good gear is keeping you from getting outside, you can find a solution to your problem on this site!

  1. Get Some Exercise

There’s no denying we can all use as much exercise as we can get. But, spending hours cooped up in a gym can get a little monotonous. Luckily, camping is all about a break from the routine. We can also get a little bit healthier as we do it! Maybe your camping trip just involves setting up your tent and lounging around the campground, or maybe you’re doing a lot of hiking as well. Either way, you’ll be in better shape once you’re done!

  1. Find a new Hobby

When you’re out camping, you have a world full of activities you can get into. You never know who you might meet out on the road, and maybe you’ll end up trying out whatever outdoorsy hobby they have! Personally, I got into mountain biking after a friend hassled me about trying it out for months. I ended up loving it! For anyone interested in the sport, I found a great starter bike here.

  1. Make Friends or Reconnect with Family

We all get caught up in our responsibilities day to day. Camping can be a great way to reconnect with the people around us, or connect with new people for the first time! Nothing brings people together like a long day outdoors and a relaxing night around a campfire. A quick tip- a big cooler is perfect for bringing together people of all age groups. Everyone could use a cold beer or coke after a long day outside!

  1. It’s Fun!

This goes without saying, but I wanted to remind you just in case! Camping is a great way to relieve stress, make friends, or just enjoy some fun in the sun. There’s nothing quite like getting outside!



There you have it folks! These are just a few of the reasons I love camping, I’m sure you all have a lot more! Whatever your reason is for spending time outdoors, we hope you do it as much as you can. Be safe this summer, and have an awesome time camping and enjoying the great outdoors!


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