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Once you have realized the dualistic foundation of our world, you will start perceiving your experience as positive or negative.

After this occurs, I have observed that many tend to get stuck in the identification of these concepts. They start labeling everything as positive or negative, and if it is negative, they reject it. They end up separating themselves from their own projections of the experience and ultimately avoiding their own negativity. They avoid the parts that they need to heal.

You do not become more positive by avoiding negativity. Specially negativity rooted from your own perception of it. There are exceptions when one must actually walk away but for most part, rejecting our experience is not the answer.

If a negative experience continues to present itself in your life, it wants you to learn something from it. Avoiding the emotional discomfort that arises from negativity does not make it go away. It makes it sink into you even more. It’s as if you are marinating in the things you are trying to avoid. No wonder you continue to attract it.

We must observe these emotions and release them into the light so we can see ourselves for all we are as one whole being. It isn’t an easy task. It is painful. It takes a lot of courage and emotional healing but once you do it, you will feel much lighter. Once you see yourself as you truly are by accepting yourself instead of resisting, you acquire that feeling of wholeness.

This wholeness within triggers a deep sense of compassion for all humanity. You no longer go about your day calling out who is negative and who isn’t. You no longer obsesses about being a positive person. You realize the true meaning of “The darkness needs the light”. You realize that you need this darkness in order to see the light. You no longer wish to run away from it. You take on whatever energy  that comes your away and transmute it. You come to terms with the fact that every single possibility of manifestation lives inside all of us. And we are all tools for the transmutation of  this energy.

This is wholeness. Realizing you are a creator, an alchemist of your life. You are not positive or negative. You are not black or white. You are everything all at once and everything you perceive or project is inevitably a piece of you. You are not separate or better than anybody. Being negative doesn’t make a person less worthy of love. The root of negativity is suffering and we all share it. It is up to each one of us to wake up and decide what we wish to project and manifest in our world.


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