The most common problem in a kitchen is the paucity of storage space. An efficient kitchen is a happy kitchen. Maximizing storage means less countertop clutter and more open space. Efficient use of storage space ensures safety, better organization, and great food.

The most common problem in any kitchen, especially in apartments, is the paucity of storage space. A happy kitchen is one that is well-organised and has an efficient storage system, because after all, enjoying cooking depends on how efficiently you can cook. You don’t want to run to one corner to get a knife and to another to get your chopping board. So working out an efficient storage system is crucial. Maximizing storage makes a kitchen look more open and clears away the countertop clutter.

Here are some kitchen storage ideas for you:

Kitchen Carts: These are portable kitchen islands that add storage and extra counter space. Islands with casters are best for your kitchen, if you need flexibility in space and function. While fixed kitchen islands can house drawers, shelves, and display area for cookbooks and figurines, carts come in handy for storing items such as deluxe mixers and microwave ovens. A microwave cart can move your microwave off your counter, thereby creating more space for both efficient cooking and appearance.

Kitchen Hutch: Kitchen hutch helps in storage and adds to decor.  If there isn’t enough space in the kitchen, hutch can be placed in the dining room or even in the adjoining entryway or corridor.

Cabinets: The upper and lower cabinetry of your kitchen is the ideal place for storage. You should make full use of all shelves of your cabinet.

Pull-out shelves are better for small appliances, mixing bowls, and large pots. They help in maximizing storage for stacking. Long, vertical pull out storage is good for condiments and spices. For quick reach, place the cabinets adjacent to the stove/oven area. Pull-out trash and recycle bins are better under the kitchen sink as you can clean your hands immediately after handling items.

You can create additional storage in the space around the kitchen ceiling.

Drawers: Separate placement of large and small utensils in drawers facilitates ease of choosing the right utensil without having to fumble. Wax paper, trash bags, aluminium foil, and storage bags kept in drawers prevent them from falling off the pantry shelf. If there is adequate space, get a wider and deeper drawer for bigger items. Narrow banks of drawers can be great for silverware and table linens.

Refrigerated drawers can be used for storing kids’ food and snack items.

Open Shelving: Open shelves over the kitchen counter not only maximize the storage space but also add to the décor of the kitchen. You can place your fancy dishware and decorative pieces on open shelves. You can hang pots and pans from racks above the counter for ease in cooking. Storage isn’t always for hiding items; open shelves serve a purpose and also improve the look of your kitchen.

Lastly, ensure that your countertop, island, and cabinetry are all aligned. A linear alignment makes the kitchen appear longer.


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