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You have probably wondered many times how to struggle with the mess in your room and how to arrange your furniture and items in the most appropriate way. If you want to ensure your successful studying as well as your effective working process, you should definitely pay attention to one particular corner of your room – the desk. Most desks are covered with all those tiny objects and papers and many people still prefer to leave them untouched for no particular reason.

This article will supply you with valuable information about the best DIY desk organizer ideas. You won’t meet any difficulties in making these cost efficient items, as long as you are motivated enough to make your desk a more organized and nice looking place. You do not need to invest a huge amount of money to realize your DIY desk organizer project, so roll up sleeves, take the scissors and read the following lines:

Use Your Shoe Box for Storage

Old shoe boxes tend to be ideal option for the storage of some tiny book and papers. Choose shoe boxes that are wide enough and decorate them in wrapping paper. You can choose diverse colours that will match with the colour of your bureau. If you prefer, you can also cover the boxes in shelf lining.

Use Jars for Your Pencils

Even if you cannot imagine, jars could be used as an excellent storage for pencils, pens and staples as well as for other tiny objects. Choose 4 or 5 ball jars and by using hot glue, stick them in a horizontal way. Put them on your desk and charge them with all the pens and other items that you usually spread around the desk.

Create Wonderful Memory Boards

Memory boards can really facilitate the organization of your desk, leaving more space for your computer or other important items. Choose a place above your desk where you can situate the board – you can decorate them with colourful sheets as well as with suitable frames. The composition of the notes may be horizontal or vertical, depending on your preferences.

Create Your Own Peg Board

If you want to go further with the organizing of your desk you can think of creating your own peg board to arrange and store your items in an ideal way. You can put your scissors an tape as well as other tiny instruments that need to be at your disposal.

No matter how you decide to organize your desk, do not forget to clean it on a regular basis from the dust and stains. Supply yourself with suitable detergents and clean towel and provide extensive cleaning of your desk, of your computer and do not miss to clean your chair as well or hire professionals like CarpetCleaners Croydon to do that for you. In this way you will ensure great working environment that will allow you to concentrate on your tasks and complete them on time.

These are some creative DIY desk organizer projects thanks to which, you can have your lovely desk arranged in an unique way. Do not hesitate to experiment and to try these innovative ideas that are cost effective and easy to be applied. In this way you will no longer waste time in searching for your notes, documents and books, when you have the chance to find them in a an easier way. Roll up sleeves and transform the look of your desk by devoting a couple of hours on this fascinating activity. Remember that a well organized person is always more effective and ready to meet the deadlines,so why not starting with your desk?


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