Croatia is a magnificent nation with an incredibly diverse terrain that varies from sandy beaches at the coast to jagged cliffs in the heart of the country. The mighty mountains and breathtaking gorges surrounded by dense vegetation and spectacular water bodies create the perfect setting for a hiking adventure. The national parks of the region are famous for their beautiful hiking trails that offer a close encounter with nature. Here are some of the most popular spots for hiking in the country that every enthusiast of adventure sports must visit.

Paklenica National Park


One of the oldest national parks in Croatia, the Paklenica National Park is known for the two dolomite limestone canyons, namely Velika and Mala Paklenica, in the Velebit Mountain. The landscape is a combination of majestic peaks, deep gorges, and sprawling beech and pine forests. The hiking trails of this national park vary from extremely challenging ones to the easier trails that are perfect for beginners. The greys and browns of the mountain range stand in stark contrast against the carpet of greenery. This national park is not only the ideal spot for a memorable hike but is also the perfect destination if you want to enjoy some panoramic views.

Northern Velebit National Park


The Northern Velebit National Park is crisscrossed by mountaineering trails and is also home to a botanical reserve that houses several endemic species of mountain flora. The park also has some educational trails that offer insight regarding the wildlife and vegetation of the region, along with cycling trails that reveal breathtaking views of the landscape. The “In The Footsteps Of Man” trail sheds some light on the life of the inhabitants of the region over the centuries while the “Wildlife Path” offers interesting facts about the animals that live here. Therefore, this park combines education with adventure and is perfect for the whole family.

Medvednica Mountain


Guarding the city of Zagreb in the North is Mount Medvednica, whose mighty peak is visible from the main square of the town and entices travelers to climb up to the summit. There are several ways to reach the peak, which includes cycling trails and even a road, but the recommended way is to choose a hiking trail that takes you through the woods which cover the slopes. The most popular trails are 18, 19, and 14, that are well marked to guide the first-time visitors. Not only is the view from the top supremely splendid, the beech forests and the ancient trees you will get to witness on the way will make the hike all the more worth it.

Risnjak National Park


Lush green slopes, verdant meadows, clear blue skies, and fascinating views of the countryside await you at the Risnjak National Park. Bubbling springs and gurgling streams add to the allure of this gorgeous park. Hiking and mountaineering are the most popular activities but recreational fishing is also allowed from April to October. Mountain biking trails are also present and the Leska Educational Path is a unique offering of the park that provides a lot of information regarding the flora and fauna of the region. The greenery of the national park offers a visual feast and one can spend hours watching the birds and animals that inhabit the region.


If you are a lover of the outdoors then these hiking spots are highly recommended for you on your next vacation in Croatia. The joy of watching nature at close quarters and of spending a few hours surrounded by its untamed beauty is an unparalleled experience. So do keep these glorious destinations in mind for your next hiking adventure.

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