Business coaching is something quite easily found on anyone’s CV or portfolio.

With this in mind, given the fact that even the most inefficient of businessmen have undergone this form of training, a logical question arises: is business coaching a waste of time? This question is a valid one, although, it is quite prone to generalization. It is a matter of fact that not everything can be taught simply through lessons, but is business training a waste of time, considering everything?

Coaching in General

Take sports, for example: if you engage a
lot in shooting hoops with buddies on the court, chances are – you’re going to
develop a knack at this. However, confront any NBA star at your top form, and
you can rest assured that you’ll lose significantly. So what’s the difference?
Well, quite obviously, your hoops counterpart has the benefit of proper
training behind them. Not only is training vital for pushing your potential to
the very maximum, but also for not learning the basics in the wrong way, which
is a very common mistake, among the newbies and amateurs. This translates
perfectly to the business world, seeing as how a lot of it has got to do with learning
how to do things without having to think them through. Without a doubt, opting
for a proper business coach is vital, when it comes to reaching your full
potential. You could learn on your own mistakes in time, but wouldn’t it be
easier to know how to avoid these in the first place?


Of course, surely you have heard of bogus
business coaches, those who will promise you the world of opportunity, leaving
you with nothing but an empty pocket and a pocketful of empty promises. While
some small and medium business owners swear by their coaches, others claim that
you’re better off on your own.

Unfortunately, the term “business coach”
can be used by anyone, no matter if they have ever, in fact, owned a business,
have tertiary qualifications, or even completed any form of formal coaching
training/ It is exactly these people, who have given the industry of business
coaches a terrible reputation. These people earn as much as $20,000 on those
naïve enough to hire them as coaches. All of this is owing to the fact that
they have learned how to advertise cunningly, yet falsely, tricking even those
experienced in classic fraud.

When it comes to separating quality
business coaches from impostors, one thing is for certain – if they’re offering
something borderline unbelievable, such as six-figure guaranteed earnings,
chances are, you’re in for a fraud. No quality business trainer will ever offer
this type of guarantees, seeing as how no one can really vouch for something
like that.

The Real Deal

Those trainers that are honest about their
intention, know
how to become a business coach
the first place. The key here is learning how to change your inner game, while
knowing how to handle the objection and create a realistic strategy, all this,
before even thinking about making the name out of their business. Of course,
all of this comes after already knowing to communicate how you plan on
establishing their strategy.

Quality trainers know how to overcome sales
objections, which are outlined in communicating those to non-sales people.
Being honest truly is the key here, as people can easily feel when something’s
just not right about a coach. Furthermore, empathy is something of a requirement
for any type of a teacher, and business is no exception. The ability to point
out all the benefits plays a key part in relating to those that seek coaching,
so make sure your future coach has had these clearly outlined. Additionally,
not every learner is the same (far from it), so those trainers who are legit
will always offer a compromise. Keep in mind, though, that this compromise doesn’t entail lower rates,
but simply changing their work plan for the customer’s convenience.

Although spotting a quality trainer might seem easy, there is a reason why many people fall for all the classic traps. Knowing how to single out a quality trainer has a lot to do with experience, but also with empathy and the general feel of trusting people.


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