Offices can get pretty boring and uninspiring, especially when you spend every day in them. After a while, this starts to affect productivity and overall job satisfaction.  With just a few tweaks in the design, you can turn this around. People have a visceral reaction to a stimulating environment, so just by changing the wall color or a rug, you can breathe new life to your office. It’s important to choose the color carefully because different colors will affect your mood differently.


Red and purple

Think of the rug as the biggest piece of furniture in your office. Its purpose is to set the tone you want for the whole place. Red and purple rugs will make your adrenaline a bit higher and therefore your energy levels as well. This means that if your work requires patience and peaceful contemplation you probably shouldn’t go for red. On the other hand, if the work is a bit repetitive this kind of carpet would help. It’s also a way to project power so it might be a good solution for a conference room or a corridor leading up to it.



Yellow carpets can really brighten up the room. The color is associated with joy and calm, but it can also foster creativity. It’s best to use it the break room or other facilities used by all the employees (such as a gym or a cafeteria). However, yellow is a tricky color to get right because different shades can have widely different effects. Try not to overdo it and break the pattern with a few darker items. It’s also a good idea for the wall paint to present a contrast to the flooring.



There is a reason most people choose blue as their favorite color. It has a very calming effect. This is something you can use to your advantage, depending on the type of job that you do. If your office has a “battle station” – a single desk where all the action happens and which is the source of all your stress – a blue Flatweave Runner Rug will provide a great counterbalance. You can definitely use splashes of blue in other places as well. An abstract painting or just a single wall painted blue will change the room completely.




It’s a color usually associated with nature and the soothing effect it has. There’s room for these feelings in an office, but it shouldn’t be used in the area where intense work is being done. It should be left for private spaces if your company offers them. it’s the same case with yellow; you should be careful with green rugs because the shades can really make a difference. It’s also a color which clashes quite hard with the rest of room, so it’s best to use neutral furniture in the room with a green carpet.



It’s a color that grabs your attention; however, it’s less intensive than red, so it isn’t really meant to boost productivity. Depending on the rest of the , an orange carpet would probably work best in an executive office, especially if it’s large and well lit. Don’t use carpets which cover up the whole room because that would be too intense. Most people will probably associate the color and therefore the room with caution. It’s a color that should project energy and to make you feel upbeat.

Lights and positioning

The work isn’t done when you find a suitable color. It’s important to have in mind that shape and the position of the rug will greatly affect the look of the room. Round rugs are better for large rooms and square ones should cover the length of a sofa or a table. A rug that is too short or too long will make the whole thing look sloppy and the color won’t matter. Artificial lights also change the look and feel of most colors so do some testing before you settle on anything particular. If you’re designing a room from the ground up – have a plan for the whole room before you choose the rug.


Choosing the right carpet can change your office entirely. It can make a difference between a boring workplace you dread and a dynamic one you want to go to.


My name is Alex Williams, born and raised in beautiful Sydney. I am a journalism graduate, and a rookie blogger trying to find my luck. Blogs are the perfect opportunity for presenting yourself to wider audience, getting the chance to showcase my expertise and receiving recognition. I am a regular contributor at BizzMark Blog.


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