For years has been talked about green businesses as a great opportunity and there are a lot of studies on that subject. It is difficult to start a new business, especially if it is an Eco-friendly business. Looking after the planet Earth has to be everyone’s main concern, especially today. There are businesses that can be both: lucrative and Eco-friendly.

Bicycle repair service

Biking is much healthier, for you and your environment, than driving. It is, also,  much more popular than it was 10-15 years ago. Bicycles, like every other mean of transportation, sometimes need service. If you have extra room in your garage you can be the man local bicycle users come to when their bicycle needs repair. You can even buy old bikes, tune them up, sell them and make profit.

Upcycled furniture (from recycled materials)

For some time, in the world of furniture design, the trend is Eco-furniture made from recycled materials whose production doesn’t pollute the environment. Recycled materials are all used materials that can be reused. You can use everything, old suitcases, pallets, plastic, glass, cardboard, etc. If you are crafty enough, you can start with upcycling stuff into unique furniture. This business can be very profitable.

Eco-friendly landscaping

Professional landscaping can make every front lawn looks great, but you can organize your landscaping business in an eco-friendly way and single it out from the others. There are numerous tips on how to plant trees strategically and what plants should be used in order to save the water and energy in your back yard. You can even take your Eco-friendly business on the road, where you can move your office and transport tools, compost, tree seedlings and everything else by using shipping containers. Many businesses have grown further by using this modular concept of offices and workstations, and guess what, this is THE green way.

Green Apps

If you want to help save the planet and make some money, this is relatively easy way to do that. Build an application that will help users to be more Eco-aware and to guide them towards sustainable way of living. If you make your application interesting enough, it can bring you a lot of money.


Compost is the best fertilizer for any garden. In urban areas people usually don’t have enough space in their back yards for a composting pile, so organic waste usually ends up on public landfills. You can take advantage of that situation and offer homeowners to pick up all of their organic waste. You can motivate them by offering special bins in which they can discard their organic waste. Than use that waste to make compost for sale.

Making organic clothes

Fashion world is crazy about these products. Organic clothes are made from organic cotton, silk and hemp. It is actually regular clothes, like t-shirts, pants, jackets, etc., but the secret is in the fabric. If you know how to design clothes and how to sow, just find your, organic material, supplier and start producing the clothes.


There are a lot of other ideas in section of green business, online. Green businesses are businesses of the future. It is inevitable to go green in every aspect of our life, therefore if you are thinking about starting your own business, think in “green” direction.

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