We are living in a world where people want things fast and easy. The problem is that great things are not fast and easy.

I don’t think it was nature’s intention for things to be fast and easy. Want proof of that?! Take a look at nature itself. Trees and plants take time to grow. They require nurturing, their own form of nutrition that being soil, water and sunlight. They also require being planted in the right environment. Not all trees and plants grow in the same environment. Anything from love to business and everything in between require time. Nothing great is fast and easy and when we expect fast and easy, there are hurtful consequences to that.

Wanting things fast and easy takes you away from the beauty of patience and growth.

You deprive yourself from developing those patience muscles you have. An undeveloped patience muscle, as I like to call it, can make you have the wrong expectation, can make you ungrateful and it can make you numb to the hardwork that it takes to make things happen. Growth is part of well-being. Without growth, you become stuck, unaware of your potential and capacity. Without growth, you can miss out on important lessons in life that can serve you later on. I’m going to expand on this by using what I think is a great example of this consequence.

Relationships, and in particular, great relationships require time, patience, nurturing and tolerance. Great relationships don’t develop in a few months or in a few years. It takes time to get to know someone. On top of that, we as humans evolve so changes will happen. Because of this reason, growth is required because otherwise we stay stuck being the same person we were before. Without the patience that relationships require, you may miss out on the jewels that your husband/wife, girlfriend/boyfriend may have because you lack the patience to go through the turbulant time, thus hurting the relationship, missing out on valuable information both about yourself and your spouse or companion which can destroy what could be a beautiful relationship. This takes me to my next point.

Wanting things fast and easy can prevent you from fruitful results.

There is a saying in Spanish that says “la paciencia es amarga pero sus frutos son dulces” which means “patience is bitter but its fruits are sweet”. I can’t think of a better example for this than when you have health goals like losing weight. Losing and keeping the weight off is something that takes time. Wanting this fast and easy comes at a great cost. Going for quick fixes when it comes to weight loss can lead you to making unwise decisions that can affect your health negatively. In this case and I can say this from personal experience, losing weight and keeping it off is truly a journey. Wanting this fast and easy can make you give up the moment you don’t see fast results, thus, preventing you from reaching that goal which is so attainable. The expectation of fast and easy can make you question the process. I would say question anything that seems fast and easy because there is no such thing. Anything and everything that is great requires work, patience and determination.

Lastly, wanting things fast and easy, I think, makes you inconsiderate towards others and selfish and not in a good way.

How so? No matter what you do, say or go, other people are involved. We are all connected and who we are and what we do matters not just for ourselves but for others as well. When you want things fast and easy, you expect others to do things fast and easy as if they are machines rather than humans. One example to illustrate this is when one goes to a restaurant. The waiter is not just serving you, they have other people to serve. It would be selfish to expect them to do everything fast and easy as if you were the only customer they are serving. This is just one example and there are many other examples. No matter what it is that you do, say or go, others are affected by your words and actions. It is important to remember that we are all somehow connected. It’s important to know and remember that others are involved in the things that we do and want so it is important to be considerate of others.

Fast and easy, it’s a shame that that’s the kind of society we are living now because overall well-being requires patience, growth, nurturing and time, all the things that fast and easy takes away. I would like to encourage you to do your best to cultivate the very things that lead to well-being and do away with the fast and easy mentality since it takes you nowhere good.


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