Learning should be fun, exhilarating and continual.

We believe our industry needs to refocus on what works, not what’s fast to produce. Being accountable for our training and connecting with our learners is paramount. Corporate learning can rival the best teachers on the planet if we take the time to remember how we learn and align those principles to the way we build content. The mission is to inspire organizations to build learning experiences with real impact.  Continually innovating the technology needed to achieve it will be required though.

We need to return to training the way humans learn best: from experiencing the consequences of our actions and decisions. Allowing learners to rehearse realistic situations to improve their knowledge and skills within a safe environment will produce the best results.   Tools to assess the impact learning is having across the business, from fundamental results and outcomes, to workforce development, ROI assessment, content analysis and logistical reporting, we need to change the way eLearning is approached.

The big movements already underway in our industry (from mobile learning, to the 3rd platform and Experience API), the need to make training accountable to business goals are going to change corporate learning and development departments in a very dramatic way.  The intricacies of aligning training to competencies, measuring behavioral change and leveraging analytics to demonstrate shifts in KPIs should be the direction organizational development professionals are going.  From each of three perspectives (those of the stakeholders, the training team and the learners), incorporating measurement can and will make learning departments revenue generating players within an organization.

The linear nature in which content is created is not effective.  A learner differs in their decision making process and subsequent knowledge.  Why then do we create courses where everyone goes through the same slides if they make different decisions?  It doesn’t mirror the reality of how we work; different choices mean different consequences.  This brief video highlights the shortcomings of the rapid eLearning development tools:

Core development tools in a cloud-based platform as a service (PaaS) that allows trainers to quickly and easily build, track and maintain highly engaging, sophisticated and effective consequence based learning for soft skills, decision making and problem solving is the future.  The eLearning industry needs to refocus on what works, not what’s fast to produce.  Being accountable for our training and connect with our learners will allow for higher quality learning.  By focusing on the learning architecture and work flows, training departments can help drive revenue and be accountable and influential as much if not more than any other department.


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