We have all heard of stories in which people under extreme stress have accomplished incredible feats of strength; the stories of people lifting cars or boulders or large logs off of accident victims (usually their loved ones); things they would never have been able to accomplish under normal circumstances. 


Where did that incredible strength come from?


From within!


The human body is made up of trillions of atoms.  In fact there are more atoms in your body than there are objects in the universe and what is interesting is that we are made up of the same stuff that makes up the essential building blocks of the universe.  What differentiates us from a rock or a tree is the way those atoms are put together. 


Each one of the atoms in your body contains a finite amount of energy, but when you multiply that small amount of energy trillions of times you end up with a fairly significant amount. 


In fact, we all have a phenomenal amount of energy; we just don’t know how to use it effectively.  Used wisely, and put to good use, this energy can be of great benefit and help you achieve the things you desire in life.  Wasted or used incorrectly and it can take you down a road that takes you so far from your dreams it is breathtaking.


What’s interesting then is that we all have the same source of energy and roughly the same amount.  So why is it that some people are able to use their quota of energy to accomplish amazing things, such as achieve their dreams and goals, whereas others don’t seem to accomplish much beyond just getting by day-by-day?


The reason is because each of us makes conscious decisions on how we are going to use our energy but we don’t always choose wisely.  When someone chooses to plop down on the couch and watch TV all evening, it’s a conscious decision the same way that someone else may decide to spend their evening drawing up plans on a new house they intend to build.


The funny thing about doing nothing is it can actually feel more exhausting than being active. Have you ever had a lazy Sunday where all you did all day was sit and watch old movies or sports or whatever? By the end of the day you feel lethargic and tired, almost as if you had just put in an 8-hour day at work. It’s weird isn’t it? If we weren’t doing anything, why do we feel worn out from it?


On the other hand, when we are busy and active it actually drives our energy levels up and we are compelled to do more. In fact seeing success makes us want more to the point it becomes hard to stop and take a break. We want to keep going! We want more success.


So if you get into the habit of doing productive things (like working towards your dreams and goals) and you start seeing success (even just small successes), it drives you to do even more.


Something to bear in mind.



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Copyright 2014 MD Tinney – Author of “Re-energize Your Life”


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