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The most effective advertising for your company is the kind of advertising that really gets people’s attention. Good advertising is:

  • Creative
  • Visible
  • Easy to understand

In order to come up with advertising that is truly creative, you need to sit down and start doing some brainstorming with unique ideas. After a while, you will find that creative advertising is not only effective, it is also fun for you and your customers.

Aerial Advertisements

Skywriters or banners being flown over large crowds by airplanes are always going to get people’s attention. The key to having an aerial message that works is to keep it very short and make it very simple. Remember, people are likely about a thousand feet below your banner, so it is important to make it memorable and easy to read. Follow the advertisement company’s rules closely to make sure your audience isn’t squinting to read your signs!

Another very effective form of aerial advertisements are messages on the LED displays of blimps. While these kinds of advertisements are popular at large sporting events, you do not need a sporting event to get effective advertising from a blimp. Sometimes using an unexpected form of aerial advertising such as a blimp can be more effective than a billboard.

Mall Advertising

The escalator at your local mall offers you a premium advertising opportunity, especially during the busiest shopping seasons of the year. Talk to the mall about placing your company’s logo and name on the escalator steps, and you could put a banner up on the side of the escalator as well.

A vinyl banner hanging over the exits of your local mall will definitely be seen by a large crowd. You can even see if it is possible to hang your banner over the mall’s walkways and grab people’s attention as they are out shopping.

Buy Some Word Of Mouth Advertising

Word of mouth advertising tends to be one of the more effective forms because people want to buy from companies that are referred by real customers. That is why buying some word of mouth advertising could be advertising money well spent.

If your company sells candy, then have someone walk around a park or other crowded area openly eating some of your more visually appealing products. When people ask where the candy was purchased, your marketing agent can tell them about your company. As long as the referrals are done in a subtle way and in casual conversation, then they will be very effective.

Random Logo Projections

For something really creative, talk to the owner of a large building in your downtown area and arrange to project your logo on the building’s exterior facade. You will also need to make arrangements with the building across the street to set up your projector. There is nothing subtle about this advertising method. But it is creative and effective as well.

Break A World Record

Publicity stunts always draw attention and a good one to try is breaking an existing world record. If your company sells shoes, then find out what the record is for most shoes bring tried on in an hour and break it. Be sure to invite the official observers to your stunt and invite the media as well. Turn the record-breaking attempt into an event and you will not only bring a large crowd to your business, but you can also put up a plaque or some other way to memorialize the event and use it to bring in more customers.

Advertising can be fun if you get creative with it. Any business can put an ad in a newspaper or have a commercial playing on the radio. But if you really want to get the attention of your target audience, then you need to try something creative and different.


Bonnie Mahan is the owner of, a leader in aerial banners.




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