Croatia is known for their spectacular beaches, but there’s more to this country than meets the eye. Apart from the stunning islands, Croatia has incredible national parks, Roman ruins and quirky museums. They’re unique as they are the only country that has the smallest town with only 20 people living in it. Croatia also has the largest swamp in all of Europe. And of course, Game of Thrones, the most popular TV show in the world, is filmed in Croatia. Traveling to the country soon? Here are five things that you can do.

Sailing in Croatia

A vacation in Croatia will not be complete without sailing and exploring the beautiful islands. There are over 1000 to explore — more than enough for your entire stay. We would recommend you sail to Korcula. They’re popularly known as mini Dubrovnik. Like the old city, you’ll find high walls in the island. The beaches in Korcula, particularly in Lumbarda are the best. The waters are so inviting you can’t help but swim. The town has plenty of restaurants, ice cream parlors and specialty shops that you can visit. They also offer a really cool nightlife. Korcula is a must-visit in Croatia. Croatia sailing is extremely popular and you will easily find help if you are a beginer so you do not have to worry about that.

Visit at least one of Croatia’s national parks

Croatia has eight national parks and all of them are spectacular. While it may be best to see all eight parks, that may not be possible if you’re on short vacation. Visit at least one of these. We would recommend Plitvice Lakes National Park, a UNESCO Heritage Site and the largest park in Croatia. They’re known for their 16 interconnected lakes and 70-meter waterfall. The lakes found at Plitvice are unique as it has distinct colors. Depending on the season and the minerals found on the lake, the color could be green, azure or blue. It’s truly mesmerizing.

Explore the old city of Dubrovnik

After Game of Thrones, people flock to Croatia to see the filming locations of the most popular show on TV. One of them is the old city of Dubrovnik. Walk along the city walls to see the fantastic view especially the courtyard gardens. These walls are from the 12th century and are still standing proudly today. It will take you a close to two hours to explore the entire city by foot. This part of Croatia can get pretty crowded; try visiting during the off-season so you can have the amazing view all to yourself.

Eat a traditional Croatian food

A traditional food in Croatia is somewhat similar to either Italian or Turkish. A must-try would be Dalmatian food. It’s a Mediterranean cuisine based on fresh fish, seasonings, olive oil and greens. You can find this on the Dalmatian coast. Order fresh fish and have a chef grill it. Dalmatian chef sure knows how to grill them to perfection. You will keep asking for more.

See the medieval hilltop town of Istria

This is a unique part of Croatia where you get to enjoy life on the waters and the hilltop towns. Istria is famous for their wines, food and olive oil. Grozjnan in Istria is from the 12th century and has been converted to an artist’s town. You’ll find several art galleries here. A cafe called Kaya Energy Bar is at this part of town and they’re popular for their homemade cakes. Make sure you also pass by Kobola Winery to taste their delicious wine. Another town to pay a visit is Motovun famous for their medieval walls and cobblestoned streets. If you have plenty of time, explore Istria for a few days and get to know how the locals live here.

There are far too many things to explore in Croatia. Maximize your time by planning an itinerary before visiting the country. That way you can visit so many incredible places. The country also offers reasonable prices, so do plan a long vacation here to see all the beautiful spots Croatia has to offer.

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