Sick and tired of being bossed around? No wonder.

Almost everyone in the world dreams of being their own boss and enjoying the arbitrary work hours, controlling one’s own deadlines and planning their own business strategies. More and more people, all over the world, are abandoning their corporate jobs with nine-to-five working hours and a boss to stand in a shadow of. However, breaking away from the corporate safe zone and venturing into starting one’s own company is, while brave and noble, not easy on the newbies. The solution? Start by finding a good breeding ground for your new ideas.

San Francisco

At the peak of the list, perhaps unsurprisingly, stands the
world-renowned technological paradise garden – the Silicon Valley.
Having raised 32% more capital than other global hubs, this cradle of the
innovative has realized its fame through up-to-date technology and huge
competition. Home to the serial entrepreneurs, they are way more welcoming to
the longer work hours, thus rendering the Silicon Valley more of a reference
point to, than a competition for the rest of the mortal cities cozy in terms of
tech startups.

Los Angeles

Perhaps unsurprising, but hell of mention-worthy, the
proverbial (and worthy of the title) California’s capital stands out in almost
everything. Home to Hollywood, music business and perhaps the most forgiving
climate in the world, Los Angeles stands tall near the top of our list. Why?
Who wouldn’t want to be a part of it? A high number of well-trained L.A.’s
entrepreneurs only serves as an example of the City of Angels’ appeal. The only
fly in the soup is L.A.’s 10% lower risk tolerance.

New York

Another stew of diversity that excels at a myriad of things,
the Big Apple offers a large number of Internet and digital media
organizations, all centered in the lucrative and gleaming island of Manhattan.
Bearing a underestimated name of ‘Silicon
, the biggest stateside neighborhood has excelled at growth over the
recent years. Home to web giants like Tumblr and KickStarter, this concrete
paradise is wide-known for its tech lucrativeness.


Benefiting from the fact that it’s located in the sheer
center of Asia, Singapore offers entrepreneurs with no less education than
their Silicon Valley counterparts. According
to Rikvin, Singapore company incorporation experts
, what makes this
location special is that it relies mostly on self-funding, in contrast to its
western, venture-capital-based counterparts. Experts predict a bright future
for this city-state, as its infrastructure is only a few steps away from the
next level of progress.


In addition to the MIT, Harvard and Northeastern, the 48
tech schools of Boston serve as an invitation for many an entrepreneur. Even
though it stands in Manhattan’s shadow, more and more startups opt for Davis
and Kendall Squares. Studies have shown that Bostonian entrepreneurs are 50%
more likely to have a PhD than their Silicon Valley peers. Although the average
IT salary is in decline, this hasn’t stopped the Massachusetts’ capital from
remaining in a tight cling to the list of the elite tech cities.

Ariel hopes to become an inspiring influence in this modern online world, showing the true meaning of words well written and value of truths well spoken. She’s the kind that still loves to write with pen and paper, appreciates the little joys of life and tries to just be here, in the now.


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