Green business models are a breath of fresh air in the market. They shift prevailing strategies and practices, modifying the list of priorities. Nowhere is the change so apparent than in the construction industry, a herald of the new dawn. A real green business bonanza is underway, and entrepreneurs are flocking to get the taste of the future. Hence, green buildings are not isolated cases limited to the niche market.

Is it easy being green?

The real estate market has recovered from severe shocks, although there are still many hurdles on the road. Some players are not inclined to go an extra mile when they have a cheaper alternative before them. For example, traditional construction methods for commercial buildings are way cheaper than building sustainable business sanctuaries from the ground up. That’s why blowing the budget is often a primary concern.  

Indeed, coming up with the money is a problem sometimes, but that’s when you need to familiarize yourself with means of funding. Namely, groundbreaking models allow commercial users to achieve better cash flow with off-balance-sheet capital financing, while homeowners have a chance to dramatically shrink utility bills. More details on financing for energy efficiency improvements you can find here.

More than money

In the long term, it makes much financial sense to take energy conservation and green capacities to the next level.  It is estimated, for example, that solar panels increase the value of a home by $3 per watt of energy produced. To put it simply, the ROI is too good to be missed out. And if you want to save money, it’s possible to start small and invest in appliances like programmable thermostats.

Furthermore, making your business ecologically responsible is a powerful brand enhancer. Green concepts are engraved into the collective consciousness of modern consumers, so it does not come as a surprise that many corporations take a stand on social and environmental issues in order to shape a positive public image, attract top talent, and engage in effective marketing.

Leaps and bounds

Besides, green construction has already come a long way. We have witnessed the proliferation of amazing concepts such as modular buildings. They are manufactured off-site, and hence waste is almost eliminated from the construction process. What’s more, these innovative structures harness natural light, providing warmth and illumination during the daytime.

Others strive to take advantage of other cutting-edge projects like a zero net energy building. It produces enough energy to escape grid dependency and even generates a surplus of juice.  As a result of these developments, forward-thinking businessmen in the construction industry manage to land deals not only with other companies but also institutions like schools and healthcare providers.

New business hubs are emerging in the most unexpected places. Early adopters struggled to get their operations off the ground, but by now, there’s a wide range of green construction projects that feature lower costs. Many contractors managed to overcome financial obstacles by becoming developers themselves and thus securing extra capital.

At the same time, they reinforce the cash flow by building for other developers as well. On the flip side, the industry is still fragmented, and big fish swallows the smaller one.  There’s much room for improvement, and the progress is sluggish in many areas. That being said, we have the knowledge, resources, and technology to make a positive change, conserve the planet, and ensure a better future for everyone.

Winds of change

Green businesses are sprouting like mushrooms after a rain, infusing the business world with environmental awareness and devotion. The future is now, and those who embrace it will be able to stay ahead of the curve. Apart from being a prudent investment option, green construction injects more appeal into your brand and gives people a chance to endorse green living and business at its best.

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