Perhaps you haven’t encountered a smart home yet. And you’re wondering why is there such a fuss made about it? Here you can find how smart homes increase the quality of life of its owners.

It’s Been a Long Time Coming

Smart home technology has been around for a long time. The first two concepts (the ECHO-IV, and The Kitchen Computer) were developed in 1967. But it was never sold to the public. Since then the industry has had more than 40 years to improve and perfect the products that are sold today.

What is Quality of Life?

Quality of life has been broken up into the following categories for this purpose:

  • Personal Quality of life

  • Immediate Circumstances

  • The Wider Environment

Quality of life measurements can be really specific but these three categories will work just fine for now.

How Do Smart Homes Improve Quality of Life?

Smart homes are firstly designed for its user. Every detail in the product is carefully planned to ensure that customers are happier and healthier. But, some features are so genius that both the user and the environment enjoy it.

Personal Quality of Life

The most prominent benefits are found in this category. Its primary benefactor is the user. These benefits alone are enough to convince people to buy these products.

Time Savings

57% of American smart home owners currently save about 30 minutes per day. That is an extra half hour per day that the owner can use in any way they want. More time can help to boost your quality of life significantly.

Lifestyle Improvements

Smart products have healthier methods and techniques with which to tackle life. Smart ovens and refrigerators are equipped with ways to help you cultivate healthier diets. Automating your home can also help you to create better sleeping routines.

Immediate Circumstances

Smart home products help you to automate your home. The quality of living in your immediate surroundings are better when you apply these devices. You spend less effort around the house. Your home becomes more pleasant to live in.

Money Savings

According to a study done by SafeAtLast, 45% of American smart home owners save on average $98.30 per month. Products like smart thermostats save its owners about 20% on yearly warming and cooling costs. That’s more cash for you to spend.

The Wider Environment

Have you thought about it? You save the environment as you consume fewer resources. Smart homes help to save the environment as well.

Water Savings

Smart washroom devices like showers and toilets have stricter regulators. It helps to limit the wastage that takes place in your daily hygiene routines. Also, smart irrigation systems are connected to grey water tanks to stop watering wastage.

Energy Saving

Smart lights and other smart devices of the like run at really efficient rates. This helps to stop excessive electricity and gas usage.

Your Best Life!

Smart homes want to give you the best possible life in your own home. You have to experience it at least once in your life.

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