Knowing how to cope with stress nowadays is important, in order to be able to preserve our good health.

In case you often feel anxious and you have troubles sleeping at night, those could be signs that you are under a lot of stress at the moment. This could be as a result of problems at work or at home and it is important to take measures as soon as possible. There are many things you can try which can help you overcome the anxiety and protect your health in the future.

It is perfectly normal to feel tired and stressed sometimes, especially when you have to think about so many things at once. The problems at your work, the cleaning and organising of your home and the cares for your family are only part of the things that could be responsible for your anxiety. This is a sign that it is time to slow down and perhaps even find some help for part of those tasks. You are probably already used to doing everything alone but at least for the cleaning you can ask your family members for assistance. You can leave some of the smaller tasks like the washing of the dishes and the vacuuming to them which will certainly make you feel better. As for the other problems, you can use some of the following methods to reduce stress:


  • Exercise – Undoubtedly, one of the best methods for coping with stress is exercising. If you have time, you can become a member of a gym and go there after work a couple of days a week. You will not only start to feel better but you will also get in shape. If you don’t think that the gym is the right place for you, you can try something different like jogging, yoga, training at home, riding a bicycle, etc. Whatever you choose, make sure that you enjoy it and you will certainly feel better.


  • Sleep more – Sleep is very important for your health, so you have to rest at least 8 hours every night. It is very hard to free your mind from the problems of the day and fall asleep but you have to try for your own good. You can try different techniques which could help you free your mind from tension faster, like meditation, listening to music, lighting up a couple of scented candles and everything else that comes to your mind.


  • Meditation – Speaking of meditation, you can use this technique during all parts of the day as well. When you get up in the morning you can sit on the floor of your bedroom or another room, close your eyes and try to free your mind from all fears, worries and negative thoughts. You can also repeat to yourself that the day will be good.


  • Enjoy the silence – As a result of the high levels of stress, you can start having headaches more often than usual. Instead of using pills, you can simply spend a little time alone in silence with a cup of tea which will help you relax. If that doesn’t help, you can go to experienced specialist for a massage who will be able to reduce the levels of stress effectively.


There are many things you can try to cope with anxiety and you have to make sure that you test as many of them as necessary, until you find something that works. Every person is different, so it may take some time until you discover the technique which is most suitable for you. Once you do it,  though, you will notice that you will be able to free yourself from stress easier.


About the Author: Anna Aamone has crazy days as a member of the AfterTheBuilders Balham‘s team. She uses the mentioned methods to lower the stress and recommends to try them as well.


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