Thanks to the internet, education has become more accessible to people around the world.

So what if you don’t have a college or university in your region? You can still study or take up a course online to improve your skills and get a degree online. The ease of obtaining degrees online has created a mad rush among aspiring students to join online colleges and universities online. This urgency to obtain a degree at a bargain price has led to internet scams involving educational websites.  If you want to invest in getting an online degree that is useful, here is how you should protect yourself from educational website scams.

Where did you learn about the college or university?
The first step to protect yourself from educational websites scam is to figure out how you came to know about the online college or university. Make sure you go to reliable sites that feature accredited and recognized online universities only. Check the popularity of the site where you have found the details of the online college, course of degree. Also check reviews on the internet about the particular educational website. It pays to check the details of the site more than once to make sure it really exists.

Check its accreditation
No matter how real an online university or college may seem, the degrees it offers are no good if it has not been recognized and accredited by the state or national educational boards in your region or outside. Also, the degrees that some colleges offer online are valid only within certain regions. So if you are getting a degree with further plans to study abroad or to get a job in a specific country, make sure that the degree being offered by the college or university is valid where you want to study further or get a job.

Lack of information or no real office
If you have found out about a university of college on a website, it is important that you look for more information about it on the internet. Check for information about the college or school on credible sites and if possible, make a visit to the campus or office of the institution if they have one. Ideally, most online educational websites have an office at least, through which students can contact them if need be. But if your research results in no information and if the college or university has no physical presence, the chances that it can be a scam are higher, if not confirmed.

How Rackupskills.Com directory helps
Whether you want to learn a skill, get a degree online or find a suitable course for furthering your education, is a site that you can always rely on for credible information. We reduce the chances of you falling prey to scamming educational websites by listing not only the best but the safest sites for education in the country and around the world. We conduct a thorough research to confirm the genuineness of the site and offer accurate details about the college, hobby class, prep school, music schools, acting schools or tech schools that offer valid degrees.


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