If a child grows up in a warm and loveable environment it will look back on its childhood as something amazing and worth remembering, and is more likely to grow up to be a genuinely good person.

 It might be the one thing pushing them through a rough patch. Making something really good and amazing for them to remember you by is not an easy task, for any parent, but it can be something really precious for them to cherish and keep in mind for one day when they are put into a role of a parent.

Family meals

Memorable moments are made right
there at the dinner table, with all your loved ones sitting down with you
enjoying a home cooked meal and talking about their day, sharing stories and
laughing. Talk with your kids, ask them what happened at school, if they
learned something really interesting it might spark their interest if they see
you are giving attention to what they are doing. Ask them to tell you a joke,
laugh with them and make a good memory for them, and always keep everything on
a positive note and always praise, that way this family event is bound to stay
on their minds as something good and fun.

Teaching them good values

When your kids grow up and have kids
of their own, they will not remember the toys that you bought them for their
birthday or how much money you gave them, they will remember the life lessons
you taught them when they were young. Everybody wants to have nice kids that
will eventually grow up to be good persons, and that is why you need to teach
them good values so it will stay with them while they grow up and build their
personas and characters in a positive way.

This should be done while they are
still young, teach them to be respectful, grateful,
teach them to share, how to show affection and love and other traits of a good
person. Tell them to be confident and aware of their actions and to be nice to
other people.

Going on a holiday

Another great way to make awesome and
fun memories with your family is to go on a holiday with your loved ones. Make
sure that every once in a while you pack your suitcases and go on a holiday
with your family and spend some quality time together. Traveling is always fun,
so take every chance you get to travel with your kids and share adventures
together and give them a memory to last them a life time.

Change your environment a little, go to
different countries, show your kids interesting places, teach them about other
countries traditions and how people live someplace else. Kids don’t care if
they stay at a five star hotel, they are enjoying the time with you in a fun
place and creating memories. And don’t forget to snap as many pictures as you
can, those also last a lifetime.

Play time

Every kid likes playing games, they
can be very fun, but they can be even more fun if their parents play with them.
Next time your kid pulls your sleeves and drags you outside to play catch,
don’t just ignore it and say that you are busy, it can kill their enthusiasm.
Be happy to spend time with your kids, go outside, play hoops, throw pigskin
around, enjoy
one of those nerf war games
, whatever it is be there for your kid and spend
time doing something they love. And don’t forget to let them win sometimes.

Raising kids can be really hard and is a full time job, but is actually rewarding if you invest the time and effort in it. Make sure that the time you spend with your children is fun and memorable and those memories will last them a lifetime.


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