Children who actively take part in playing, be it on their own or with someone else, experience a lot of benefits regarding various forms of mental and physical development.

Of course, parents have a really important role when it comes to encouraging their kids to play and giving them more ideas to grow while having fun.

Proper physical development

Children do not only play games in the closed space of their
homes but they actually enjoy the outdoors much more. Therefore, allow
your child to get dirty
and run around your yard or nearby park. The open
world is the vast source of ideas for kids especially when playing is concerned
and they can get their amusement in ways adults could not even comprehend.
While they actively play outside their home, children use their muscles a lot
more which provides for safe and proper growth of the bones and good physical
development in general.

Development of imagination and creativity

While they play games, create different characters and mimic
the things they like, children develop their imagination effectively. Creative
development is very important especially for the youngest of children. This can
lead to better problem-solving ability as well as the beginning of love towards
some creative hobbies. Kids who can express themselves through creativity
generally feel more fulfilled and accomplished later in life. Even some ordinary
household items can burst their creativity while playing so make sure that you
as a parent do not restrict your child in using different objects for their
play time, unless they are dangerous of course.

Great opportunity for learning

Play is a perfect way to bring learning closer to children.
That way kids can find their own ways to accumulate knowledge while having fun.
Any subject can be tackled if it is presented as a game. Youngest children can
start with games that involve letters and numbers while older kids can freely
use their computers or tablets to play
educational online games
that encourage learning. No matter the game and
play itself, because this can vary from family to family, children can learn a
lot about the world around them just by being able to enjoy themselves. The
parents’ role is very important in this case since they are the ones who should
be able to come up with the ideas to introduce their children to learning while
playing and be there for them whenever they have some questions that need to be

Impact on social development

All previously mentioned benefits of play for child’s
development lead to the good social development, which might be the most
important thing in childhood. Basically, while they play outside, children are
bound to make friends, even if it is for that one day only, and play together.
Once they realize how much more fun it is to share the play time with other kids,
they will also become more open towards others. Also, development of creativity
and hobbies can lead to the child’s desire to take up some classes where
working as a team and constantly communicating with others who share the same
interest is definitely going to boost their social skills. Moreover, organizing
themed parties with Superheroes or
anything else that kids love will not only provide them with a great
opportunity for imaginative playing, but socializing and playing in groups as

There is no doubt that children grow through play. Pressure-free gentle nudges parents can provide while their child is growing up is of immense value for kids to become more confident, knowledgeable and friendly, which is of great use when they start school and move towards adulthood.


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