Everybody has their ups and downs, and you are not obliged to be in a good mood at all times. There will be periods of feeling down, and there even might be some depression spells. Don’t worry – they all go away with time, but in the meantime, you have to face the reality around you: namely, your flat or house. Just because you are down does not mean that you have to live in a pig sty. The flat will not wait for you to feel better before covering you with dust and stains, right? So here are some tips on doing your house cleaning despite potential depressions.

#1 – Little Things Matter

You do not have to go all out immediately and do a thorough home cleaning at the get go. You can easily start with the small things. Clean after yourself after a meal. Make your bed after sleeping. Do some hoovering every now and then. Spend at least 5-10 minutes a day in efficient house cleaning, then increase the time. After a time, schedule the cleaning, and make a chores list to take care of. Little by little, you will be able to make it into a habit that no state of mind will be able to break.

#2 – Use Cleaning as Therapy

You’d be surprised at how therapeutic home cleaning can be. No point in thinking about all your life’s problems when there is a very nasty stain on the sofa and it needs to go. Focusing your attention on a single facet of cleaning, be it bathroom or upholstery cleaning, can be a sort of meditation, something to take you away from your troubles and be used as a temporary escapism from the. Focus your mind on problems that can be solved as soon as possible and find comfort that at least the stains can never bother you.

#3 – Get Help

Just like with personal problems when sometimes you just need a shoulder to cry on, you can use one as a support when doing the domestic cleaning. Call a friend and have them over to do half the tasks or the ones you cannot bring yourself to do. Or even get a cleaning company to handle it, if you cannot be bothered with the cleaning anyway. The key thing is to keep the home clean and not let it get messy – it’s always nice to return to a clean place when all the troubles are behind you.

#4 – Keep Your Head Up

Not literally, of course – with all the dust on the chandelier, you’d better be careful. The point is, no matter how dark it may seem, the clouds will eventually disperse and you will be in a good mood sooner than you think. Never lose sight of hope. That is why you should stimulate yourself mentally for the house chores – after all is said and done, and after the shadows are gone, you still have a home to go back to. And if you cannot bring yourself to think this way, then never hesitate to call somebody and share – it’s a burden nobody should bear alone.

Everybody feels down every now and then. No reason to keep the house down as well – simply roll your sleeves and let some cleaning therapy do its magic both for you and your home.


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