Lots of people spend hours at their desks every single day. No matter if it is at work or at home, you need to keep your work area tidy and clean. An organised desk means that you can find things much faster instead of struggling with all the stuff that is usually in your way. That’s why it is a good idea to clean up your working space a little. Who knows, it may even inspire you to do your job better.



So check out a few easy and quick steps to clean your desk kindly provided by MoveOutCleanLondon Chelsea.



Step 1: Remove everything from the desk



Before you start cleaning, clear the desk. Remove all objects, papers, books, pencils and pen holders until you can see your desk. You can put them on the floor for a while. Leave computer components where they are. The rest you can pile up on the floor while in the meantime you clean your desk.



Use a microfiber cloth and an all-purpose cleaner and wipe down the entire desk. Move the cloth up and down, back and forth until you remove all dust and other dirt such as oil, stains, fingerprints, food bits, etc. Using a cotton cloth or rag go over your computer too but don’t use a harsh cleaning solution or you may damage the components.



Now that you prepared the surface, it’s time to put back all the items in a more organised way.



Be sure to collect all pencils and pens and put them in a pen holder or another container. Find a place on your desk where they can be at hand. Put all files, staplers, notepads, scissors, papers and other objects in a desktop organiser. These gadgets help keep your desk more organised and provide more space.



If you don’t use some items anymore, it’s time to get rid of them.



Step 2: Drawers



Take out all desk drawers and put them on the floor. You have to clear them up one by one. Empty the contents. Clear the drawers from inside with a microfiber cloth and an all-purpose cleaner. Let sit while you decide which items you want to keep and which you no longer need.



Divide your items into two piles: “items I need” and “items I don’t need”. When you are ready organising the stuff, you can place it back into the drawers. They must have dried by now. If not, use a towel to dry them. Put the objects you use on a regular basis in the top drawer so if you need something you can easily find it without wasting time.


Put objects that you use weekly in the middle drawer. The items that you use less often belong to the bottom drawer. Using this system will help you make your work much easier and even more inspiring.



Once you are done tidying and organising the drawers, place them back into the desk. You are done with this step.



Step 3: Shelves



During the cleaning process you have to keep in mind that whether an item stays or goes is about priorities. Arranging items by necessity is key to making your desk more organised and good-looking.



When it comes to shelves, you follow the same procedure as you did with the drawers. Note, however, that shelves are visible and if you want to keep them good-looking, you have to store items that look good. So, the rule goes, if it’s not presentable, better put in the drawers. Also, keep only the items that you use daily.


One last tip: better keep knick-knacks to a minimum.



We hope we’ve helped you clean up your desk and organise all the stuff there.

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