Do you feel that you’re not productive enough at your workplace? If you feel so, but you’re not sure what the reason is, don’t worry, we have an idea. It has been shown that office décor can significantly influence the level of productivity among employees. So, the solution to your problem can be very simple – a nicely decorated office. And, in order to help, we have prepared some great ideas for you.


Bright Colors 

If your office is grey and white, it’s time for a change. You need to opt for some bolder and brighter colors which will bring life to your workspace. However, not only will they look great, but you will also feel much better working in such an environment since it has been shown that colors also have an impact on our brain activity. And, as we all know, feeling good about ourselves is a recipe for success. So, if you want to improve your creativity and eagerness to work, choose a brighter red or a cheerful yellow. Or, if your wish is to reduce your stress level, blue is the best choice.


Appropriate Lighting

Another thing you must consider if you want to improve your productivity is lighting. If it isn’t appropriate, it can cause fatigue, eyestrain, headaches, overall irritability, etc, and we all know that anybody, who feels like this, won’t be eager to work. However, a good thing is that you can choose among various options. For example, you may go for work lamps which stand on tables, wall lamps, floor lamps, ceiling lights, etc. No matter what you chose, our advice is to use natural light bulbs and be careful that lighting is not too strong or too weak.


Comfortable Furniture

Comfortable furniture is one of the key factors when talking about productivity. It’s of the utmost importance that you have a cozy chair, which won’t cut off the blood flow to your legs, so you will be able to sit for a long time. However, no matter how comfortable a chair is, it’s not healthy to spend so much time in a sitting position. Thus, we recommend that you buy one of the amazing standing desks. This way, when you get tired of sitting, but you don’t have time for a break, you can just take your papers or a laptop, move it to this desk and continue working.


Room Scents

Another thing you must consider are scents, since they, similarly to colors, can affect our mood and our productivity. For example, it has been shown that pine increases alertness, and that cinnamon improves focus. Another good choice for your office is the scent of lavender, since it can help you relax. However, you should try to be subtle, since too strong smells will not be appreciated by your colleagues. In order to avoid this, our advice is to keep the scented oils in your bag or a drawer.


Bring a Touch of Nature

There is no better way to turn your office into a nicer place than by bringing some live plants. They will enhance the quality of air, and this is particularly important if a few people work in the same office. However, aside from plants, you can bring a touch of nature in other ways. For example, you can decorate your office with pictures of the outside world, or you can keep the pictures of nature as your desktop wallpaper. Even though it’s not real nature, it can still affect how you feel, since even the pictures of nature can have a soothing effect on the brain.


Personal Touches

Finally, our last advice is to add a personal touch to your office. For example, if a few of you work in the same office, you can all decorate your own desk according to your liking. Even though it may seem more professional when all desks look the same, this uniformity and plainness can affect the employees’ productivity. Thus, it’s important that everyone has an opportunity to express their creativity and decorate their part of the office the way they want. On top of that, the variety of styles can look interesting and contribute to a relaxed atmosphere in an office.


As you can see, décor is very important; so, you should consider it carefully. However, if you follow these suggestions, we guarantee that, without any particular effort, your mood will be significantly improved, and consequently your productivity as well.


My name is Alex Williams, born and raised in beautiful Sydney. I am a journalism graduate, and a rookie blogger trying to find my luck. Blogs are the perfect opportunity for presenting yourself to wider audience, getting the chance to showcase my expertise and receiving recognition. I am a regular contributor at BizzMark Blog.


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