Dreaming about a successful career is a common thing around many people.

Yet, there are those careers that just are not meant to be for they might require some practical knowledge which you do not possess, or you simply did not have enough free time to invest in it. App programing and development is not among those jobs; I know that there are millions of people who wanted to make a living out of creating apps for other businesses, and for those of you out there, know that your dream can be fulfilled. Here is how you can become an app developer without any advanced technical knowledge.

Use online software

You can use an online mobile app builder to create
apps for businesses, newsfeed, magazines and everything else that needs an app
as a way of communication with users. App builders are easy to use, and require
no advanced technical knowledge. They come at a range of prices, and are based
so that even the most inexperienced users can create an app without any

Sign up as a developer

If you have
already created an app, obviously the next step is submitting it to the app
store and the best places to do it are iOS App store and Google Play store.
Now, both of these companies have some standards set which have to be met by
your app in order to be placed in the store. Once you complete these steps,
your app will be available for download or purchase and you will receive a
percentage of the sale. But, this is not the end of the road. For those who submit
apps in either of these
two stores
, there is an opportunity of becoming a developer. By paying an
annual fee, you can join their Developer programs which offer great guides and
knowledge about this particular job. Each program also offers great developer
resources and software that can help you build more complicated apps, as well
as how to properly design them and advertise them.

Choose the app type while increasing
your knowledge

that you have your basic developer tools, you can start playing around with
them and learning more about them. Also, you can try and do some basic
programing since the software is designed to help even those with no technical
knowledge. Once you get the hang of it, you can start developing better apps.
No one can guarantee that you will see money from any of these; however, if
your apps prove to be useful and good, money is around the corner. Choose what
kind of apps you want to develop, and focus on that particular type. Work on
improving your skills, evolve and once you get the hang of those tools, enroll
in a different program, offering more complicated tools.

Price your app accordingly

the app world, almost everything is under
. These are not the apps created for PC or MAC, therefore the price
range is drastically lower. Yet, setting a price on the app might have a
negative effect on the buyers. If you are in for the money, you need to know
that so far, the model that earned the most money was the one offered for free
with the availability of in-game purchases. So, if you offer your app for free
and provide an opportunity to purchase additional content in game, based on the
likings of the users, they might purchase the content if they love your app or
get hooked by it.

Making apps for a living is a great career, especially since that is an ever-growing business at the moment. But, it is important to start from scratch and work your way up in order to learn more and overcome all obstacles. Knowledge is power, and climbing your way up the ladder can only lead to success.


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