Artificial flowers can be used as decorative elements. Artificially made flowers will last longer and that’s why they are widely used. The art of making artificial flowers has become so professional that it is often difficult to make some difference between a natural flower and an artificial one. Here you can find the easiest way to make an artificial flower from a tissue paper.

1)    What materials can you use to make artificial flowers?

               You can make artificial flowers from almost any material. You can go for cloth or paper flowers, clay flowers, porcelain flowers, plastic flowers, etc. They are all very beautiful and interesting.

2)    How to make a tissue paper flower?

               It is one of the easiest artificial flowers to be made. They don’t require care unlike the planted garden flowers.  All you will need a tissue paper, scissors, ruler, pencil and a tape (you may use clear and some florist tape).

Step 1: Get the scissors and the tissue paper and cut a rectangle shape (about 12 inches long and 4 inches wide).

Step 2: Draw 2 lines on the tissue paper. The first one should be a half inch from the bottom (straight line). The second one should be a diagonal line from the top corner on one side. It should also connect to the first line.

Step 3: Cut along the second (diagonal) line that you’ve made. Keep the larger piece.

Step 4: Cut straight lines in the form of fringes. Start from the top of the diagonal. Stop cutting when you reach the straight line that you have already drawn (in step 2).

Step 5: It is time to add the stem. You can use a pipe cleaner as a stem for your flower. Tape the top of it along the short side of the tissue.

Step 6: Pull the tissue fringes that you’ve made away from the centre. Form your flowers and you’re ready.

               This is just one way to make a beautiful artificial flower. It is the easiest one as it doesn’t require any special materials.


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