Look at your business system and your
requirements. How many employees do you need for your small business? Do you need
people coming in every day and working full-time hours? Is it possible that you
can easily do with part-time workers or freelancers? The aim here is not just
to save money, but only spend where you actually need. You are not hiring to
give an image of a big company; you want to expand into an enterprise slowly
and strategically. To be able to do this, you need to plan in advance using specific

You definitely need some dedicated employees
who can handle all the work that you assign to them and eventually be able to
deal with decision-making on their own. For this, you will have to acquire a
team that is loyal to you, dedicated to your vision and knows their job well. How
can you make this happen?

Job description

The first step is a clear job description.
It should detail the role, the responsibilities, tasks and qualities that are
required to fill the position. Describe the qualifications and experience they
need to have. Think about what attitude you want to see in the candidates.

When it is done, spend some time writing
down what you can offer for the new employee. Include the long-term opportunities,
offer opportunities for both career and personal development. Have a look at
your reputation as an employer, the opportunities you offer, the salary and
benefit package, and take steps to improve them now.

Seeing as you will have a proper system
installed, all you need to do is insert the position along with a small
description of what is required from your staff members. This is as easy as it
Once the system is up and running, you will not have to define the individual employee’s
requirements each time. In the Operations Manual, everything is set by a series
of checklists and is colour coded by the different roles.

Eszter Ladjanszki – Source from The Ultimate
Business Machine – How To Run Your Business On Autopilot book.


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