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Millennials represent the future of the global economy, which is why more and more providers of different services recognize them as an important target audience.

Equipped with the knowledge of new technologies and accustomed to the modern online context, people between the ages of 18 and 35 are overtaking the business world. Now that they are in the spotlight, they have to make important business decisions and travel more than before. So, what are their most interesting traveling habits and how do they get what they want?

No strings attached

It seems today that millennials are the most individualistic generation after World War II. A study conducted in 2013 showed that only 26% of millennials were married. There is no reason why the situation should be different now. Why is this so? They have been exposed to tech-governed media that stress out how important it is to make individual decisions. As a result of such a lifestyle, millennials do not bond easily, but want to stay free as long as possible. This is why they are a perfect choice as employees in modern startups, since they can commit to their business tasks without any private interference. It is no wonder that large companies give their millennial employees special benefits, such as corporate travel cards and accommodation in luxurious hotels. If you close a business agreement worth several hundred thousand dollars, those perks cause no expenses for your employer, but they are more like a tip for your success.

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Eager millennial travellers

Since they still do not have families, millennials can work and travel as much as they want, wherever they want. A survey on traveling habits of different generations shows that an average millennial goes on a business trip about 4 times a year. On the other side of the traveling spectrum are their business ancestors – generation Xers and baby boomers. They travel 2.9 and 3.2 times a year on average, respectively.

Moreover, when they use their employer’s budget for their business stays, millennials are eager to use as many first-class services as possible. What they want is modern amenities, personalized experience and reliable online sources of information, travel-wise. This is why they usually opt for modern and well-equipped downtown hotels. When they finish their business tasks, their main goal is to go out and have some fun, to satisfy their individual and social needs.

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Frequent airline customers

Due to their exquisite taste in everything they do, millennials are among the most beloved customers of airlines, too. The mere fact that this group of businesspeople makes the largest number of travels annually is enough to earn a special treatment. Accustomed to customized services in their business and private lives, they are forcing airlines to go some extra miles, too. In a report published by Time magazine, it is claimed that millennials would be glad to pay for some convenient services, like the option to leave their bags at the airport gate, instead of dragging it around lounge areas and cafes, as well as faster luggage claim. Furthermore, they often mention security as an important precondition that determines their choice of airlines. So, if you are a millennial on the go who wants well-protected travel equipment, you can buy luggage online from Peter’s of Kensington. That way your belongings will be safe during your business flights.

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Millennials were educated in the old world, where persistence and hard work was still appreciated. On the other hand, they grew up with technology that gives them speeds up their business performances. As a result, millennials are efficient workers who like to mix business and pleasure during their travels. That way they bring money both to their employers and to different service providers, which makes millennials the most appreciated travelers among businesspeople and the most sophisticated businesspeople among travelers


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