The 21st century commercial industry is one of competition and extreme stress; however, despite the raised anxiety levels there have been revolutionary marketing strategies developed with the help of the internet, smart phones and all other means of advanced technology.  By using these new gadgets, companies are able to implement high quality marketing strategies and contact potential customers (also known as leads) in order to offer effective ‘giveaways’.  This article will provide information as to why this is important and effective; as well as provide examples of various other custom company branding giveaway ideas.

1. Giving the customer a taste of what you have to offer

Offering a free giveaway to a group of potential clients has been known to increase the amount of people who will purchase your products or utilize your services.  This is due to the giveaway providing them with an easy method of becoming familiar with your company; as well as being an ideal means of beginning a long-term relationship with the potential consumer.

Of course, the free giveaway will also set you apart from other businesses as a unique company in the field.  The easiest way to do this is by presenting the lead with a gift that is representative of your company; for example, if you offer technical services it may be beneficial to offer a limited-use software download.  If a customer wishes to obtain more features they will be required to purchase them, which is moving a potential consumer to an actual consumer.

2. Becoming a welcome presence in the lead’s daily life

Another impressive marketing strategy for building leads is to give away an item that the potential customer can use regularly.  By doing this you will not only increase your presence, but keep your company in the customer’s mind on a daily or regular basis.  For example, if you give away a custom branded annual calendar it is highly likely that the potential customer will think of your company as they hang the calendar in their home or office.  Further examples of giveaways that will increase your presence on a daily basis are branded mouse pads, bookmarks and stationary.

If the company is unable to afford branded giveaways at the present moment, you could consider running a contest whereby the winner will receive a custom branded item.  In order to enter these competitions an individual must provide their name and email address, which also increases the amount of leads on your mailing database for future follow-ups.

Final words on the matter

Some companies may assume that small samples of services may not be substantial enough for a potential customer to consider using their services; however, this is incorrect.  It is not the size of the giveaway, but rather the fact that you are providing a free giveaway that creates a feeling of importance within the potential customer.  This strategy indicates that you are confident enough to share products.

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