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The Power Of Our Emotions – Rack up Skills

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We have been taught most of our lives to ignore how we feel. To put on a mask and create the illusion that we have it all under control. It is a never-ending competition of who displays less emotions and it is draining to keep up with the constant emotional resistance. The defensiveness and stress that comes with holding back from expressing how we really feel from fear that we are not going to be accepted. It activates our fight-or-flight response and ultimately affects our immune systems. We must work towards diminishing as much stress as we can from our lives. Specially the stress we cause ourselves by not healing ourselves and letting things go.

We hold on tightly to our grudges and bad experiences. We let our emotions posses us. We become our emotions because we do not realize the power they hold. We diminish them and make ourselves believe we are putting them to the side but the more we hide them under the rug, the more of an obstacle they become. They accumulate and wait patiently for an outlet. They wait for a moment of unawareness to explode out of us. They are begging to be seen and released. Then when they are gone, they leave this healthy type of emptiness. An emptiness that brings a lot of truth and realization to our being. A space for us to sufficiently expand into our fullest potential.

The decision to realize the power of our emotions has a lot to do with your level of willingness to face them. If you haven’t been facing them for a long time, you might be feeling more disconnected emotionally than most people. This disconnection makes it hard to also experience the true joy in anything. By practicing mindfulness during your most vulnerable moments and meditating towards facing your emotional discomfort, you can come to terms with how you feel and get to know yourself better. Self-observation is crucial for emotional growth.

We should be highly aware when our actions do not match how we feel and what we are saying. This is an inconsistency that can tell you a lot about how you truly feel. It is not so much about seeking perfect consistency but about learning to see the patterns in which we change. We are creatures of habit and change is the one thing that is constant in the world. When we let our emotions take over instead of using them as a tool for growth, we become victims of ourselves. We must face how we feel and what we are manifesting in the world when we aren’t paying attention.


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