Home is a shelter for the human; it is a place where one spends most of his time. So it should be a place which provides comfort and ease to a person. It can happen by decorating your available space up to the mark and by changing the interior or furniture’s position after some years. Or by adding new things to a house, bring good change to the eyes.

So here I am writing this article to share my views on decorating a big house.

  1. Let us start from the lawn, and then we will move to the inside of the house. The lawn of a decent size can have an artificial waterfall of small size, in the corner, and/or even running water in the sides of the lawn gives a very soothing effect to ears. Plus the use of green plants and the one with different flowers are also a good idea. There can be a sitting area in the center of the lawn, all with the white-hot and brown chairs you can have your family dinners under the sky in good weather. This is how you can deal with your big lawn.
  2. Secondly, the lounge is a place which welcomes all your guests so it should look a little spacious. The idea of filling a place all with the furniture does not look appealing to the eyes. The wooden floor in the hall looks good. One wall of the hall can have a family tree of pictures while the other can have a piece of artwork. Many frames on the wall give a crowded look to the eyes.
  3. The furniture placement on the rugs also needs to be reconsidered. There are various ways to place your stuff on rugs, but for a big hall, you can place a rug in between, and the furniture at its corner or you can divide your hall, sitting in two so that while arranging for a party, you do not have to suffer.
  4. Big kitchens can have a dining table for the family inside. It would bring convenience for the lady of the house to serve them there, and then moreover, while working in the kitchen, she can have an interaction with the whole family. This whole idea is suitable for big houses as they mostly have separate kitchens.
  5. There should also be an extra room for the guests so that you never have to share your room with others. This room can be in the basement or the attic, and such a room should be simple in white or any light color of your choice so that the small space looks spacious.
  6. The master room should have a bed plus a sitting area to communicate with your partner in a comfortable atmosphere. The window of a room can have a sitting area, or a fireplace can be settled. A floor sitting in the room is also comfortable giving the idea.
  7. The kid’s room – If your kid is too young, then it can be decorated with their favorite cartoon characters and the walls of their favorite color so that they feel happy and satisfied with their room. While for the adult kids, the room and its furniture should be according to their own choice. It’s sometimes good to leave something for kids to raise their confidence level.
  8. The backyard can be used to hang the clothes after laundry, and if you want to hide the clothes in the yard so that it does not give a strange look to the house, then for this sake, you can separate the yard with an artificial wall.

Over to You:

A small space can easily be managed, but the problem lies with a big space; it becomes difficult to cope up with space when you relocate from a small house.

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